Thursday, August 17, 2006

Uh, Your Pants Are Falling Down

I saw a guy in the checkout line at WalMart yesterday who could have used some help dressing. "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" Carson Kressley should have taken him shopping. This guy apparently never got the memo that oversized clothes are passe. He was wearing jeans, a knit shirt short sleeved shirt and a basketball type jersey over that. The first thing I noticed was that his jeans were bunched up around his ankles. Ok so he doesn't know how to hem his pants. Then I realized that these pants were not around his waist. They weren't even around his hips. If he sneezed hard those pants would surely have fallen down. He must have not had enough money to buy a belt. But then I saw the jersey over his shirt. That jersey would have been to big for the Jolly Green Giant. That fashion statement hung down around his calves. Yao Ming could have used that jersey as a night shirt. Fashions change and it is about time guys get the message. On the other hand he could probably fit four people in that outfit with him. Wonder what the shrinkage is? How come my stuff shrinks and his hasn't? Of course people still wear all that stuff in the music videos so I guess no one has told them either. Hey guys, the oversized clothes aren't styling. Maybe you'd like to get frisked cause it looks like you could carry off have a store in those outfits. By the way, I think your pants are about to fall down. Oops!


cube said...

I hate the look too. The other day I saw a man wearing no shirt and his pants were - I kid you not- halfway down his butt. This isn't just disgusting fashion, but it's indecent. And this was in front of a school!

Thank you black culture and rap/ hip hop videos.

Anonymous said...

Actually the look started in the inner cities because young men liked to shoplift and they bought baggy clothes. Clothes manufacturers thought they needed a new styling gimmick.

Pixie said...

Oh gosh I can't STAND to see people with their pants belted before their bum. Last thing I wanna see are your boxer shorts people!!!