Monday, October 16, 2006

Ever Seen A Fence That Runs Up Hill?

Ah, yes, the smell of new wood permeats the air as I walk Daisy around the yard. It's been raining here. This morning many areas of Houston have flooded or the roadways around town are impassable due to high water.

I noticed that part of our fresh, new fence seems to be running up hill. Huh? Some of the boards are leaning. This gives the impression that it is running up hill. And the guy worked so hard to make sure the boards were all the same height! Of course making them all look the same height means that they have gaps at ground level. With all the rain, the ground where he dug the holes for the posts is sinking. This added to the many holes dug by the dog that used to live next door dug makes a wavy looking bottom. Some of this is only an inch or two deep, other areas are a lot more. On top of that, they dug up some of my bulbs and just left them on the ground.

Oh well. Right now I am just hoping to find some place else to live. And the soon the better. The old saying about too much month left at the end of the money is alarming getting nearer. I wonder if the Big Guy upstairs can help us in our quest? Not getting much interest here.


Bazza said...

I suppose you could look positively at the bulbs being dug up, when you move you can take them with you!