Wednesday, October 11, 2006

You must be kidding!

I really thought that the moron who is putting up the new fence would not show up yesterday. After all, it was going to rain. But, no...He showed up around 11:30 in the morning armed with 2x4's, a saw and a nailgun. You'd think this guy would notice the dark, angry skys. Oh no, he starts sawing on the boards and nailing them to the tops of the posts he had put in Sunday. Then Mother Nature let him know who is the boss! Thunder, lightning, heavy rain, high wind. That'll learn ya! He grabs his tools and flees. Imagine that. Why did he even attempt to "work" anyway. Severe weather warnings and radar pictures of the impending storms were all over the news. It was so dark, it seemed like night. Still this idiot attempts his task. I guess when the trellis and some planters flipped over in the rain and wind, he decided to run. Serves him right.

This could get interesting. With a lot of luck and God's blessing, we might move to a different house before he finishes. Only time will tell. Wonder if he will show up today??


Bazza said...

"The beauty of blogs" I have never met you, I will almost certainly not meet you in the future, and yet the saga of your fence has grasped my attention. I will return for more!