Friday, October 13, 2006

Fence Finals

Well, the fence is finally up. I'm glad I didn't have to pay for it. The only good thing I can find about it is that the dog that used to live next door won't be digging under or climbing over it. For the amount of time it took to do this little project, it's not very good. There are gaps under it where the ground is uneven. The boards are not all standing straight. They seem to lean in various directions. On top of this, they knocked over or pulled out some of my elephant ears and other plants. There is dirt all over the yard where he dug the post holes. Actually, now the dirt is mud, since it rained. But, for what it is worth (not much) it is up.


Bazza said...

Hooray it's finished. I'm fitting a kitchen this weekend, let's hope wifey gives me more than 2/10

Trinity13 said...

Is there any way to fix the fence? What a pain to finally finish something, but have it not done well.

Unknown said...

Well, as my mother used to say-At least its done!