Thursday, October 26, 2006

I Think I'll Take a Break

In my zeal to get a head start on moving, I've packed boxes of DVDs,CDs,games and such.I've got almost all of my mother's milkglass china packed. I would rather have anything of mine break, just not that stuff. I've also gotten an idea of china and crystal,etc that I never use that I plan to take to the local "I sold it on eBay" store. After all, I have hauled this stuff around for more than 30 years. A lot of the stuff was wedding presents from my first marriage. Gee, the china lasted longer than the marriage! I never use it and I am tired of moving it over and over. I also have some silver plates and trays, and stuff. Some of it came as golf trophies that my parents won over the years they played. I'll never used it. I even found some collectible tea cups and stuff that my great aunt sent me as a kid. Maybe they will have some value? Hey, I've seen the stuff on the Antiques Road Show. Maybe... Plus I've got book sets of everything from the story of civilization to art. No one in my family is interested in any of this stuff. There is no point in giving any of this to my children so I'd rather someone get it because they will use it. I made a mistake years ago when I gave my eldest daughter a "Peter Rabbit" Royal Doulton special edition cereal bowl and mug that my grandmother gave me when I gave birth to her. She left it in a storage building when she and her first husband divorced. So much for family heirlooms.

So, now with boxes all over the place, I need to take a step back. As my husband said, we need to be able to get some of the smaller chairs and furniture out. Can't have too many boxes in the way. When we get word that the townhouse is ready, we are going to try to take some of the stuff that we can handle by ourselves out first. That will hopefully make it easier when my daughter and son in law come to help us move the big stuff. Our big couch is really heavy because it is a sleeper sofa. Then there is my china cabinet which is one really large piece. It is huge and heavy, with glass doors, drawers and shelves. I cringe at the thought of moving it. The glass doors scare me as well as the fact it is on feet. In other words it is a monster to move.

Time to take a break before I stress myself out. The townhouse won't be ready for a couple of weeks. I'd love to be able to just pick everything up and go, but I can't get ahead of myself. After all I still have to tell my son that he will have to get our washer and dryer out of Amanda's storage building. I can just hear the whimpering now. But Mom, they are all the way in the back... Yeah, time for another cup of coffee.


B.R.L said...

Oh am I relating.