Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ah Chooo

Have you ever thought that sneezing could be an art form? Traci and Bobby have a pretty gray and white cat who does just that. Not only does he do the usual cat things like walk across counters or sit in potted plants, he also sneezes a lot.

So maybe this is not so funny, at least to the cat, but he really sneezes a lot. I watched him sit on a chair and sneeze and sneeze and sneeze. He he looked around like he was thinking, "So what are you looking at?" I have not been close enough to get showered, but I feel for him. My daughter Annie used to sneeze at lot. We used to all say, "stop it!" to her. Of course she would then say, "I can't help it!" I wonder if that is how the cat feels.

So what does go through the mind of a sneezing cat? Does want to look for a tissue. Or would he claw it to shreds? How about a little allergy medicine? And just why does he sneeze so much anyway? He always seems to look around like he thinks everyone does it. Of course I am waiting to see him perched delicately somewhere and then fall off in mid sneeze...


cube said...

I can empathize with that poor cat. Right now, we have gobs and gobs of pollen everywhere and it makes my eyes itch, my nose run, and it makes me sneeze in multiples of four or five. We can't help it.

maria said...

In response to your comment on my blog about instrumentals, I have to say that I'm also a huge fan of
Henry Mancini.


Dr.John said...

Allergies are a weird thing. I sneeze after every meal and they are horrific sneezes. Something in the food sets me off but we don't know what.
So I pity the poor cat.
Glad you have settled in enough to pay attention to cat behavior.