Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Have Wine Box Will Travel

Well Sunday was the big day. Amanda rented a truck to move my stuff. Traci and Bobby and Jason loaded up the truck. That truck was a huge thing. I could have moved the White House in that! Annie stayed with all the kids in Waco. Jason drove the truck while Bobby and I drove in his car. The last couple of days we have worked on changing the rooms around. So my bed, dresser and desk are now in Aryn's room. A lot of room trading here. There are still some boxes in the garage that I have to look through. Traci and Annie got a kick out of looking at the pictures of my parents. They actually said they were "hot". That made me smile.

I like the house which Traci and Bobby recently bought. It is very nice. It's in a brand new subdivision. The area is still growing and is about 15 minutes from Waco, Texas which is a nice small city. The subdivision backs up to a pasture and there is a large tree behind the wood fence. There is also a small air strip in the back behind the pasture which when former President George Bush used frequently on his trips to his ranch in Crawford which is about 20 miles away.

I still don't know what to think cause the day I left Jimmy was still giving me mixed signals. Oh well. The ball is in his court. Pat called me to tell me that Amanda read her daddy the riot act because she did not think it was fair to "send mixed signals". That must have been an interesting discussion. Would have been nice to be a fly on the wall.

It's pretty quiet here. Not like around Houston where you had a lot of traffic noise to listen to on any given day. The other night I was standing in the back yard and looked at the stars which are so much brighter here.

Bobby's garden is doing well and he is excited about the growing crop of vegetables. He will be planting more veggies too and he also has a flower garden in the corner near the house.

I also have met the next door neighbor Christopher who fixed my cedar chest which had legs that were about to fall off. He had to add some wood to secure the legs and even matched the old paint. I'm very happy with the work he did on it. Christopher will be leaving soon to go back to Iraq.

I guess you could say I am beginning to settle in. Lady and Daisy are a little confused but they are getting along with their dog who is a lot bigger. I thought there might be a problem but apparently she is a little more worried about my two little dachshunds . Daisy has put her in her place a couple of times so far. I did discover a cat under my bed last night. Crap! two dogs on the bed, one cat hiding under the bed. No problem....

And so the stomach turns. A new chapter begins. Time for a glass of wine.


Anonymous said...

You know you love us...even though we're loud as hell.


love ya Mom

Dr.John said...

It is good you have your children to support you.
You might look for a divorce support group in the community. Sometimes they are run by churches and sometimes by social services. But people who are going through the trama share stories and give support to each other.

cube said...

It is wonderful to hear that your kids are helping you. I think Dr. John's suggestion about a support group is a good idea too.