Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Do You Feel aTwitter?

It seems that everyone, even me, is twittering. Do you? I began to notice this a few weeks ago when I was watching CNN one afternoon. Rick Sanchez was the news man and he kept telling people to respond to the stories by twittering him. Now it seems that I see it every where. Traci, Annie and Bobby all twitter. You can follow any number of things on these mini blogs. I've seen Good Morning America, E online, The Texans foot ball, and so on. I've even seen a cartoon about twittering.

I guess that twittering is the blog version of texting. Only a few words so it is short but to the point. Is this going to replace IM? I have heard it said that people who twitter don't really have much to say about their life but they feel the need to tell every one about every little thing. Annie and Traci twitter about the tv show "Friday Night Lights" while it is on.

I have posted a few twitter notes but have not really gotten into the whole thing yet. It is a way of getting short bits of info quickly I guess. It is amazing the shear numbers of people in news,sports, and other things are linked on twitter. I can keep up with the Houston weather by twittering one of the local tv weathermen. I even have Dr Drew on my twitter list. I can't say what I will learn from him though.

So, now I guess I will have to go back into the living room and see who else is going to butcher a song on American Idol. I never really thought I would ever watch this show... One just never knows. Maybe I'll twitter about it, or not.


cube said...

I have enough on my plate with work, home, and a blog. I don't think I could find the time to twitter.

Yes, many songs got butchered tonight on Idol.