Thursday, September 15, 2005

Bring home the bacon fry it up in the pan

I like bacon. But when I go to the store to buy more I am wary of what to buy. Packages always have the pictures of nice looking bacon. But, where is the quality control. I dont care which brand I buy, it is never the same. One time it will be thick, one time thin. One time it's long, others short. Sometimes it cooks nicely, some times not. I've cooked bacon that has come out of the package so long it barely fits into the pan. Sometimes it's hardly there. Sometimes the pieces look like the slicer was on drugs. I just want to know that when I buy it, I'll get what I pay for. It doesn't seem to matter what the price or brand, I never know what I'll get. It never seems to have any uniformity in the size, thickness or number of slices.Are meat cutters trying to make be irked. They're doing a good job. Looking in that annoying window on the package doesn't do justice to what is in the package. It always seems to be a crap shoot, but guess I' fry it up anyway.


Anonymous said...

I'm a bacon fan myself. I like it nice and crispy, if the fat is too rubbery I will gag on it.

Anonymous said...

Bacon is a great mix with scrambled eggs. Add some milk and pancake and you have a great breakfast. I like the bacon crispy and looks fresh.