Monday, September 26, 2005

The silent house

Our power went out Saturday at 2am for 12 hours during the hurricane. We didnot get much rain, some wind. When there is no power, you discover that there is no such thing as a quiet house. When the tv, fans, refrigerator and freezer go off, you'd think all would be quiet.At 2am husband's snoring as well as the dog. Then you hear the house breathing. Sounds like a good spooky movie. Of course, there is the noise of the branches scratching on the roof. Our house has the attic fans that sit on top of the roof which were spinning wildly making a lot of noise.Everything is magnified and seems a lot louder. The wind blowing through the chimney seemed eerie. Any noise outside the house was that much louder too. Rain hitting the window glass is louder that we thought. Even the backyard fence made noise as it waved in the wind. Even the battery operated clock on the wall seemed to tick louder. Apparently there is no truth to the old saying that "silence is golden". Dont believe it.


ogres are like onions said...

We should rewrite it to "silence is olden" eh?