Tuesday, September 06, 2005

People, Poker and Pets

Well, Gov. Perry said we are full. We now have 2 cruise ships sitting in Galveston waiting to take people on for up to six months. 4,000 were lined up to go but decided at the last minute not to go for various reasons. Some still have not found all their family members. Some just wanted to stay put for awhile. On a somewhat darker note the Houston Police Department has put an 11:00PM curfew because some people were going out and coming back drunk or disturbing the sleeping children among other things. Some of them dont like the idea of a curfew, but personaly, I think there must be some kind of order.

On another note, I didnt see my husband for nearly 3 days. Was he stuck in traffic or marooned somewhere? No, he was upstairs playing on-line poker. He did take time out to surprise the dog with a bath. I'm usually the one who has to do the dirty deed. She pouted all day.

I feel so sad for the animals that were displaced and I understand the feelings of those people who refused to leave because of their pets. Some of the evacuees here in Houston managed to sneak their pets with them but the pets ended up at the SPCA shelter. The pets look just as shattered as the people.