Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Shall we spank the government?

I saw a clip of Michael Brown's testimony and a thought struck me. He sounds like a child who blames another child for breaking his mother's expensive vase. Worse yet, I wonder, how did we, as a people, end up this way. It seems that whenever someone is questioned, it's never their fault. Does this start in childhood? We've all had experience either in relationships with family or work where the same "not me" attitude prevails. No one seems to want to take responsibility. From business to government to personal things, many people have found it easier to blame the other guy. Drug companies say "it's not our fault the patient died, he took the medicine wrong". Companies recall products because they know they are at fault but wont admit it. Court cases are frequently settled with no admission of guilt. We are seeing the buck not being passed but thrown around because no-one wants to take responsibility. We start doing this as kids because we dont want to be punished for our mistakes and judgement errors. Apparently we dont learn anything as adults either. Just keep saying "not my fault". It's time not only the government but everyone learns to stand up and say "I did it, I made the mistake, it's my fault". Guess childhood lessons have not been learned very well. Would a collective spanking help? Oh, but I guess we dont do that anymore. Dont want to hurt anyone.


Anonymous said...
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S said...

How true you are here. I'm so sick of the "blame game" the government plays all the time. For pete's sake, stand up, take the blame & then go on.

As a mother I try so very hard to get my children to understand that whatever you did wrong, what will make me madder is to know you lied to me about it. Last week my parenting was tested. My oldest, after being harrassed all week by a classmate, popped off & called him a "bad" name. No one but my son & this other kid heard it. So when the Teacher was told & she asked my son if he had said it, he admitted he had. The other kid denied he had said anything first. Now my son got in BIG trouble at school while the other one got off scott free. Yes I punished my son for his language but I also praised him for telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

Are you seriously comparing Brown to a child when it was a couple of leftist dems who shifted the blame towards him from day one?

Stargazer said...

jill, good post.

I'm glad you pointed out that it's not just the government. Over the years, i have noticed this increasing trend. More and more people, not just public figures, are blaming others for everything. I see this so often in daily life.

At what point is it going to end? If no one is at fault anymore, who is left to blame?

Mike Hitchen said...

An excellent post, and a very well written blog.