Thursday, September 08, 2005

This Property Protected by Hummingbirds

A lot of people have signs on their fences which say "beware of dog". I have an idea for one "beware of hummingbird". Say what? Or, how about "this premise protected by attack hummingbird". That may sound silly, but anyone who has ever watched how fiercely a hummingbird will defend his terratory would understand. Watching a neighborhood cat or dog being divebombed by a mad mockingbird gets a lesson in protection. We've all been to various novelty and gift stores and found cute signs extolling the virtues of the attack cat, chicken, gerbil, hampster, etc. Something are quite funny. I've never seen one that said to beware of a hummingbird. I dare any unsuspecting person, animal or bird to encroach upon my backyard! Those hummingbirds may be little but they are fierce.


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Noner said...

Hummingbirds are full of spunk. We used to have a pair that nested at my dads place. I've never seen any other hummingbird sit still, but he used to pertch and sit on the clothesline.