Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sailing along the government money stream

Just another glimpse into the brains of the operation. I thought it was sadly funny that the Katrina evacuees did not want to move onto the Carnival cruise ships. Been in too much water they said. Cant really blame them. So the all knowing all powerful government, since they had already leased them, decided to put the responders on them. Ok, so I understand that the cruise line had to take ships out of commission. One they apparently took out of drydock. So the problem is that information comes to light that Carnival and the government entered into a deal to lease the ships at nearly twice as much as the average person taking a cruise. So, who is screwing who? The government is screwing us out of our tax dollars. The cruise ship line is screwing the government. What's the deal here. I guess it goes back to basic Economics 101- let the buyer beware. So who should I be mad at? The government (yet again) is wasteing my money. Carnival cruise ship lines sees how to make a quick buck. First you think just one more case of government waste. Then another black eye for big business. We cant win.


Anonymous said...

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