Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Holding my breath

I am practicing holding my breath. The Astros have four games left in the regular season. Two of these games are against the St.Louis Cardinals. I will be holding my breath because the Astros have always had trouble beating them. Last year they lost to them in the playoffs. Then the Cards went on to the World Series. Then we have to play the Cubs. We've done better against them. Then we still have Philly nipping at our heels. It is so close that Philly could, combined with Astros losses and their wins,end up tied. Historically the Astros dont do well in a tie breaking series. Astros fans have been through this before. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The breath holding starts tonight. Go Astros!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your Astros. I hope they win, but then they have to get past the Braves. That isn't going to happen!


S said...

I don't follow baseball too closely, I will at times watch the Rangers play but come on..... we all know they stink. Fingers, eyes & toes crossed for the Astros!

Glad you made it through Rita. All of us up in the northern part of Texas were all praying. :-)

Paul said...

You should root for the Nationals right now too. They will be playing Philly for the last three games. Hopefully my Nats can come through on the spoil!