Friday, September 30, 2005

I give up

I give up! Can I strangle my 26 year old son and get away with it? I dont know where his brain is. He works with my husband. Today he overslept because he didnot set the alarm clock. This isnt the first time. How come his girlfriend didnt wake him?. He and his girlfriend and her 3yearold son share a house with his step-sister. They share the rent and electricity, etc. He just had to get another truck because his old one finally died (after over $2000 repairs).We helped him with some of the repairs. Now he's stuck paying on a newer truck he cant afford. He thought the payments would be $200/mo.but they are $400. He says the dealer messed him up. He should have not taken the deal without knowing for sure. He really needs to work 2 jobs but wont cause he wants weekends free. His sister works 2 jobs... I just dont know. I wonder when he is going to realize that he is not making it. He rarely gets a full paycheck. His lack of responsibility is un believable. No one seems to be able to light a fire under him. I fear that he will have to hit rock bottom before he learns anything. I guess he feels that if worse comes to worse he can move back home, but I cant let him. That would be too easy for him. I'm no longer his keeper. What would he do if we weren't here? I just dont know what it will take to get him off his butt. What in the world is he thinking? Maybe he's not thinking. He surely is not making any effort on his part. I give up. I'm afraid he's about to hit the wall. So many people have tried to help him. His sister and girlfriend cant seem to get through to him. If his sister can work to jobs at the age of 22 what is his problem?. At 26 you'd think he'd face his challenges and move up. I give up!


maria said...

I feel bad for you. I know how you
want him so bad to smarten up.
My friend has a son like yours.He
is 32 and she's so worried about
him all the time.


S said...

{{{hugs}}} I hope you find a way to get through to him. I'm sure most would say to cut the apron strings & let him figure it out the hard way..... but that's not always easy for Mom to do. Hugs & prayers ~ Shellie

Anonymous said...

Just passin' via BE, my son was like that for years and one day he just changed, no reason for it, and became reliable& mature

TEN33GIRL said...

My best friend's boyfriend is EXACTLY like this. He's the same age too. At first, I thought you might be talking about him!! lol.. But seriously, I don't know why it seems it takes men in their twenties a lil longer to "get it". But I have faith that someday, with a lil more life experience under his belt, he'll figure things out.

Try not to worry yourself too much. Sounds like your a very caring mother and I'm sure your son will be ok ;)

Brett Harris said...

Found your blog through Blog Exposion.

I'm sorry to hear about your son. I just recently finished a series on my blog about young men (and women) who can't seem to grow up. It's becoming quite a trend and merits our careful consideration. As you seem concerned for your son you might be interested in reading my series which attempts to trace this generational hiccup back to its roots. God bless.

You may view the opening post to my series, "The Rise of the Kidult," here.