Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Are They Gone Yet?

At last the Texas primaries are over. Pant, pant. It seemed like every time I looked at any of the local news shows Hillary, Barack, Mike and John were all running around Texas. The local tv stations all raced ahead to get the best spots to report on all the candidates as they made their way across the state. From what color pantsuit Clinton wore to Obama's appearance at the Houston Rodeo. Wonder what Tim McGraw and Faith Hill thought? John McCain and Mike Huckabee ran around the state in a never ending dance of delegate hawking. Mr. Huckabee finally gave up the ghost and dropped out of the race. The McCain steamroller was just too much. And just where was Ralph Nader? Not here.

The one saving grace for me was that I never got any phone calls. Thank goodness. Of course the conventions are coming this summer. Maybe the Democratic convention will be fun. If things continue to be so tight, it could be a good fight. Good old fashioned political squabbling. Of course the Republican convention will not have much in the way of surprises. John McCain is now the man. Who will he pick for a running mate? There is still a lot to be decided on both sides.

For me I am glad they are now out of the state for a while. We have more important things to worry about. Will the Rockets make it into the playoffs? Most sports talking heads don't seem to take them seriously. They still are flying under the radar. So are our Astros. I watched a little bit of a couple of games. Spring training games being what they are, who cares? I still am hopeful that they will surprise all the naysayers.

Now that the politicians are gone (for now) I can get back to what is really important. Just when will my son come by to inform us of what we already know? At least I have been able to get this silly computer just about back to it's former "glory". Gotta love Microsoft. Spending more than half a day just to get the service packs and patches back up is as exciting as watching paint dry. And of course in true imitation of life, we still have the on-going beer bottle saga. Still there, still lonely. And so it goes...


Dr.John said...

Microsoft I have learned to ignore if at all possible but that poor little bottle that's another story. You really do need to go over and give it a friend.