Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Beer Bottle Saga Continues

As I walked Daisy this morning I noticed two empty water bottles on the grass at the curb. Tisk, Tisk. I wondered if they would be interested in the lonely beer bottle. They could surely keep it company. Then I thought that maybe that would not be a good idea. Suppose one of them decided to stay and make a family? Is there any hope for a water bottle and a beer bottle? Of course if they made little bottles what would they be? Would they have near beer? Or would they have beer flavored water? It does not look promising, about like a dog and a cat. I don't think they will get along. But maybe they could keep the little guy company. I understand that the two beer bottles and five beer cans in my refrigerator may be leaving in the next few weeks. They have just about overstayed their time there. Would any of the cans or the two bottles consider visiting the lonely bottle? Will the loney beer bottle be able to find happiness with a beer can? Or would they have too many creative differences? Maybe the one of the beer bottles in my refrigerator will leave first. I sure hope that if one of them does go that the bottle next door will have a good pick up line. What's your sign is so lame. Only time will tell.


Anonymous said...

How about: "Yo, baby, want me to pop your top?"

Dr.John said...

At least there is now some hope for the poor little bottle.