Friday, March 21, 2008

Give Me Strength!

Well, here I am again. It looks like we are going to have to reformat the disk on the poor pc. One of Amanda's friends is going to help us with that as soon as we can get together. This is so very frustrating. Jimmy bought a flash drive to store our pictures and his music on while this thing gets fixed. This whole thing reminds me of men who dont read instructions. When he bought this pc it did not come with a recovery disk. In the first few pages of the manual were instructions to make one. Gee, that would have been nice. I dont have $200 to buy another Windows XP program. Of course now Jimmy discovered at least one virus in his music. He had already planned to buy a used laptop from a friend. He had saved up for this for a while. He finally got it yesterday. It is really nice. But when he put in the flash drive he discovered the virus. Crap!! I will be so glad to get this mess fixed.

Amanda and Pat will have Easter dinner with us. I guess this will be when Pat tells us that he will move to Odessa and that his former ex is pregnant. Oh Joy! Maybe I should did a foxhole and stay out of the line of fire? Dumb,dumb,dumb. A grown man making such thoughtless choices. I guess he is just another example of the current way people do things,backwards.

Well, I am going to try to concentrait on good thoughts. Happy Easter.


dmarks said...

Sorry to hear. So many men make decisions like this.

pineapple said...

my other half destroyed his computer because he kept downloading "free" games. Even after many warnings, he finally ruined his computer by downloading a virus.