Friday, March 14, 2008

Surprises, Some Good, Some Not

As I write this I am fighting to regain control of the computer. The other night after Jimmy finished his poker game he checked his mail and finished answering his MSN Messenger chats. Apparently in the middle of all this some spyware and or trojan horses grabbed hold of our system. I worked all day yesterday using our spyware killer. It is still in trouble right now. Grrr! I asked him what in the world he did. Who knows. Along about noon he called me to ask about dinner. What? He never calls about dinner. Surprise we have tickets to the Houston Rodeo to see Toby Keith. I could not refuse because Toby Keith is one of Jimmy's favorites!

So we drove over to one of the bus locations and were wisked away to Reliant Stadium. I had forgotten how much walking is envolved in being at that stadium. Since it was late in the afternoo we skipped the animal exhibits. After all cattle all smell. When we walked into the crowd making it's way to the stadium where all the activities are held. Getting to the seats should be an event as far as I am concerned. On the way to our seats we had to fight the crowds going for food, drink, and all sorts of things for sale. Let's face it buying a meal at the rodeo is not cheap. Just imagine a hot dog for almost $6.00. Eventually we made it to our seats. We missed the tie-down roping and bareback riding contests. We did see some of the team roping and saddle bronc riding. Steer wrestling was fun, sort of. Some how wrestling a steer to the ground is not that fun to watch. At least to me. I did get a kick out of the barrel racing which is the women's contest where they race their horses around three barrels as fast as they can. Most of these racers are young, but there was one lady who was 64 in the race. Bull riding is painful to watch, muchless do. No wonder they have the rodeo clowns jumping around. I liked watching the clowns, especially the apprentice clown. The announcer kept talking all night about this clown in training. He danced around and acted silly. The crowd loved him. Of course then he had to take his final exam in the barrel. Yeah, get in the barrel and let a bull push you around. Is this guy nuts? Apparently so- the apprentice clown was Matt Lauer of the Today show. I wonder how he feels this morning.

One of the big hits of the rodeo is always the calf scramble where kids chase and grab a calf. It is not as easy as you would think. If these kids manage to catch and pull a calf into the center of the area, they get a calf to raise next year. I know those kids were tired.

Finally time for a little music. I am no much of a country music fan but I did enjoy Toby Keith. One of these days I might actually get used to the loud music and fireworks going off. Jumping nearly out of my seat every time the fireworks is so not cool. I actually did understand some of the lyrics of the songs over all the noise of the band. What was that you said? When we left I could not hear because of the buzzing in my ears.

More coffee, please. Since we did not get back until after midnight and got up before six, snore. Now it is back to work. Hey, virus scan, are you done yet? The spyware guys are waiting. Again. Surprise, what trojan horse? I need a nap.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your computer woes. Perhaps if you take it to the rodeo and put it in the bull riding competition, your problem will be over.

Dr.John said...

Sounds like you had a good time. I can't go to thingslike that any more because I can't stand in line.

Lori's Minute said...

I would like to go to a rodeo at least once...they come here every once in awhile.

We went to a concert last week and the bass guitar had his speakers up so loud it burned out my ears (I wear two hearing aids)...bummer, but I still had a good time.

bettygram said...

I like the riding competion but not the wrestling of livestock. I actually got sick to my stomach.

Bazza said...

Come over to my place jill and listen to Glasvegas, now they are hard to understand!