Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Bunnies Anyone? How about Some Eggs?

So we had Amanda and Pat over for dinner Sunday. Jimmy gave both of them chocolate Easter Bunnies as a joke, Hers was white chocolate and his was the regular one. I was going to make a cake but decided not to cause I could not find my cake cover. Can't leave a cake out on the counter without a cover here. Since the grass and weeds have started growing we are having some extra little unwanted guests fly in and around the house. Little brown bugs keep coming in the front door. They seem to be attracted to food or drink. They really liked my wine. I kept having to shoo them away from my glass. When I was in the kitchen they kept trying to sample the food as I was cooking. And to think they weren't even invited.

Jimmy got an unusual phone call Saturday from Bobby. He was at home with Brad while Traci went to pick up Cheyanne from her father's house. I guess he just needed to talk. Sometimes after your parent dies you have to find some communication. It was a nice call. We hear from them so rarely. Bobby is always busy and Traci is, well Traci. She is not much for communicating. Annie and I talked before they left to check out where they will be living since Jason will be starting a new job in a different town soon. Nothing was said by Pat about his pending move. Well, it was Easter.

Amanda brought her laptop. For a while there it looked like dueling laptops. I have been running a new security program on our pc. I downloaded the trial version. It looks like it would be something to get after we get the pc disk reformated. Right now I can do some things. But if I try to search for something, I still get taken to some odd place. I was trying to get to a bio on Charlton Heston but was maddenly always sent some place else. I just have a few things I need to try to get off here so that Amanda's friend can clean up this poor sick computer.

Our next door neighbors must have taken off a few days. It is spring break. One good thing I did notice. The poor lonely beer bottle has moved on. I hope it will be happy in it's new abode. Meanwhile Lady is a little miffed because Jimmy's laptop has taken over her lap space. She has to compete now. I almost got a cute picture of her with her head on the keyboard, but Jimmy made her move before I could take one.

Well, now I feel the call of an Easter egg. Even though we have no little kids around anymore, Jimmy still likes to dye those eggs. We dyed two dozen eggs. Wonder how long it will take to get bored with them for lunch? Ok, ok, now Daisy is pestering me to go out. The only problem is, will I be able to resist the chocolate cake Amanda and Pat brought as I pass it sitting on the counter. Now where is that leash?


Dr.John said...

The leash is on the counter next to the cake. Glad the saga of the poor little beer bottle has come to and end.

Anonymous said...

In preparation for the church Easter Egg hunt, 40 dozen eggs were boiled and colored -- that's 480 eggs. About 15 kids stayed after church for the hunt. That's approximately 32 eggs each. Can you say egg salad?

dmarks said...

It's not Easter without PAAS egg kits.