Monday, January 30, 2006

Did I Sleep Through Winter?

What happened to winter- I think I missed it. That is all except the electric bill. Our house is all electric which is bad enough cause the electric company is showing that we used 1000 kwatts more than we did last year for the same billing period. I dont see how they figure that since it hasnt been anywhere near as cold as last year...but they are impossible. And the people who have natural gas are getting sticker shock on their bills. Once again the energy company is saying they cant help it because their costs are up and they have to pass it on. If you are not home for 2 weeks and have everything turned off during that time plus the weather has been so warm, how do they figure that the bill should be more?

I dont know if I should start on the flower beds or not. Some of my plants are already starting to bloom or put on new growth. Some of the trees are starting to put on new leaves. What gives? Did I miss winter? Are we going to be hit with a sudden cold snap in Feb or March and kill all the new growth? Now I wouldnt mind if the weeds like dandylion and clover etc would get knocked out by a freeze. That is the greenest part of my yard right now. Somehow I feel like Rip Van Winkle. Maybe I did sleep through winter...


Anonymous said...

It is funny, almost, that you visited my blog and I was talking about my dad's house. And I came here to repay your visit and you are talking about Sleeping Through Winter. I think we still might pay for this nicer weather. Where I live in Ohio, we can't count snow out until April and it has snowed in April. So we got some time to go through yet.

Wilson Clan said...

I don't even want to look at my bill. In fact, I know we got behind and it was like $600. Crazy huh! And that's with gas and electric!!

I'm in WI and it has barely snowed all winter. It's been cold enough now and then but hardly like a normal winter.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, you're welcome anytime. I never though about printing my list off for V-day, what a great idea. :o)