Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I Wonder

I wonder how much trash is generated from fireworks. As I drove thru the neighborhood the other day I noticed residue from all the fireworks people used during the holidays. Our neighborhood does not have a streetsweeper going thru like some areas do so this stuff just lies there mainly on the streets. Got to be a lot.

I wonder what makes a good spy. I happened to catch part of an interview with a woman who had written a book about her life as a spy. It sounds interesting. Obviously a spy has to be a quick thinker, duh. How about the ability to lie. If the ability to lie were the only qualification, I know someone who could be the best spy in the world. This person has years of experience. I have often wondered how all the lies are kept straight and how to remember who was told what. Mata Hari would be proud.

I wonder about the FBI. Apparently, they are looking for a few good computer geek types. Guess all that wire tapping is getting harder to do, so they need the help. I know some people who are super good techno-geeks.

I wonder why someone who is a Republican can decide to "put politics aside" and run as an Independent for the Governor of Texas. Carol Keeton Strayhorn has decided to do that. What does she do with her allegiance to her Republican party if she gets elected? Would she remain an Independent or would she switch back to her roots once elected? If re-elected which side would she be on?

I wonder why some kids are "10 going on 30" and some adults are "30 going on 10"

I wonder why no-one has come back from the "other side" to tell us what it's like.


Anonymous said...

All politicians lie, she'll probably switch back to Republican privately.

Harsha said...

right, politicians are big liers..don't trust them...

cube said...

OK, would you believe it if someone said they were on the other side & came back? It would sound like a spy or a lying politician to me ;-)