Monday, January 16, 2006

This Could Get Ugly

Well maybe...But I have to wonder about the future for the Houston Texans. No matter what they do, a lot of people will be upset. When the dust finally settles and the Broncos have gone as far as they can, the worst kept secret in the NFL will be announced that Gary Kubiak will be the next head coach. A lot of people thought that announcment would be made this weekend until the Broncos won. It really doesnt matter who gets picked as the first player in the Draft, because it is very unlikely that it will be Vince Young, although he has basicly been campaigning to be picked by the Texans. An overwhelming number of fans have voiced their opinion and depending on who you listen to 75 to 80 percent(or more)want Young. I am not holding my breath, but I may stay off the streets on draft day. It could get ugly. If I were Bob McNair I'd change my phone number and RUN. Realisticly speaking, we wont get Young. We need a lot of help, especially in the offensive line. That has been proven time and time again as David Carr's sacks keep piling up. No wonder he always looked as blank as a sheet of paper during games. Supposely, Carr could benefit from better coaching. Duh. Casserly has said the Texans will pay Carr's bonus in March. Could this be a ruse just to cover up what is really planned? The Texans keep saying that they are sticking with Carr. If they dont draft Young will they draft Bush? Will they go for some line help? Hell, why dont they just start over! Ha! So when ya get through, Gary, put on your armor, you're going to need it.