Sunday, January 08, 2006

Well, the Dynamics Just Changed

Vince Young has just annnounced that he will be entering the NFL Draft. So, where does that leave Reggie Bush? Young had already said he would love to play in Houston. So...Houston has some thinking to do. Prior to this, obviously the Texans were leaning toward the no brainer pick of Bush,but now the whole dynamic just changed. We will have a new coach for sure and maybe a new first round pick. And what about David Carr? Does he see handwriting on the wall? Are his days as a Texan numbered? Or will the Texans pick Young and then trade him? Every person in Houston who has followed the Texans and Vince Young know how much he'd like to play here. The fans would love. If nothing else, having Young as quarterback, would re-energize fan intrest and attendance at the games! So many decisions...

A comment on Reggie Bush. He is a class act. He and several of his USC teammates got permission to visit the Longhorn locker room before the game to shake hands with the Texas team. After the Horns beat the Trojans, these same guys went back to congratulate the Longhorns. Now, that is Class!

So, this could get interesting as the Houston Texans take steps to improve the team. Mr. McNair is willing to spend the money necessary to find the coaching staff and the players necessary to get a winner. The Texans already have one of, if not the best facilities in the NFL. This could get interesting!


Duez said...

Sorry, this isn't as difficult a situation as it seems. The Texans have committed to spending the $8 bonus on Carr. So that means they will take Bush.

Really it's a no brainer - because you'd be giving up 2 offensive starters if you draft Vince. Young wouldn't be ready to play next year... so minus Carr (who wouldn't want to stick around) and Bush... you would be down 2 starters. Plus, Reeves apprasail of the talent was that Carr wasn't being coached well enough. Hence the canning of the staff.

I think taking Bush is a good idea.

My source, espn: Team and league sources told ESPN's Chris Mortensen that the Houston Texans will pass on Young, a Houston native, and select USC running back Reggie Bush with the No. 1 pick in the draft, pending the formality of Bush announcing that he will turn pro.

Almost nothing will change that course, the sources told Mortensen.

The Texans will pick up an $8 million option on quarterback David Carr, who was the expansion team's first draft pick four years ago. Texans owner Bob McNair made the decision after getting extensive evaluations from various sources that strongly endorsed Carr, including a favorable report from Dan Reeves, the former longtime NFL coach hired last month as a consultant."