Friday, January 20, 2006

iPod as Theology

A local Baptist church is having a month long discussion of the theology of the iPod. I didn't know this was possible. It does make you think. How is this possible. Well, the sermon titles include "inovation" Of course the iPod is innovative. But what does this have to do with religion? Are we supposed to be innovative in prayers?What does that mean? The other sermons include discussions of simple, small and synchronized. Ok, but how does this work with God. Does it mean that ministers will now be having sermons available for downloading to an iPod? And how is the iPod synchronized as to God. Granted we should all be so in tune with our religion and spirituality, but how does this relate? Maybe he is trying to say that we need to get back to the basics with our relationship with God. Are we to compare God with an iPod? Maybe he is trying to remind us that if we are in synch with God, we should know what to expect and be thankful for the small, simple things? It is an interesting analogy.


S said...

I'll trade that sermon for the 6 week one we're getting on weight loss. With the cold/rainy morning we had yesterday; you can bet I opted to stay wrapped up in my jammies instead. :-)

Anonymous said...

It does seem a little odd - maybe he got some product placement money? Just being a little facetious here. I'm not really sure how the the iPod relates either, as it seems more like a tool to be put to use for particular purposes. God is not a tool.

michaelm said...

Very interesting analogy.
I have an Ipod Shuffle and I can only hope that God loves Jazz.
Thanks for the visit to my blog today.
Manilow, huh? I didn't know there were still people out there that listened to him. I used to play his stuff years, I'm getting old.

be well,