Friday, January 27, 2006

Jeff's Judgement

Tuesday is an important day in the lives of Jeff Bagwell and the Houston Astros. That is the deadline for the Astros to file a claim on the insurance they have on Jeff Bagwell. This wont be easy on anyone. Bagwell has been driving hard all off season to get in shape to play. He insists he will be going to spring training and fully intends to play. Managment has it's own crunch time decision. By the end of the month they will make the decision on the insurance claim of some $11,000,000 of Jeff's $17,000,000 contract. This is creating some hard feelings. While Bagwell had worked hard in rehab with the obvious goal of being able not only to hit, but to throw. Since first base is such an important position he must be able to throw quickly and accurately. That is the basic question. Since baseball is a business the Astros need to know if he will be able to do this. Since the team has the policy on him they need to know now, not later in spring training. The general manager has already hinted of problems. He's said that Bagwell's shoulder is arthritic and there is no way around it. I wish that this matter could be easily solved. Unfortunately, this may turn into a battle none of us who love the "stros and Jeff Bagwell want to see. One can only hope that this will work out to the benefit of everyone. The Astros are a class organization and Jeff Bagwell is a class guy. Let's hope this does not turn into a bitter battle.


S said...

I caught the announcement that Kubiak is now the Texans new head coach! I love him dearly so please be kind to him City of Houston! He will be missed over at the Bronco's organization. But a piece of my heart goes with him to the Texans & I wish him the best of seasons come this fall. (Not that I hadn't been a fan but now I have more of a reason, IYKWIM.)

Is everyone that way excited about this or do the feelings run hot & cold?