Monday, January 02, 2006

Notes from a Lost Week-end

Note to myself... figure out how to get Daisy to go do her business while fireworks are in full Blast. Even Lady was a little rattled. We decided to try and stay up to bring in the New Year. As in previous years, we didnt make it. We did make it till 11:50 before giving up. Just trying to get Daisy off the patio in the midst of all the noise was about as wild as it got. She totally freaked, ran from side to side and tried to go back in the house.I even had to carry her out to the back of the yard but she kept racing back to the back door. Oh well. We tried. As we watched Dick Clark we kept looking at the clock. Is it time to go to bed yet? I guess you could say our party days are over, can't stay up all night anymore. Of course, any day I wake up and discover that I'm still alive is ok, I guess. Kind'a like the saying on coffee cups in the funeral museum here that say something like "Any day above ground is a good day". Saw a story on that museum on a plane from Phoenix to Denver a few years ago. The irony of the story was not lost on me while flying.

So, it's going to be nearly 80 today. I just don't know. The weather does not look good for the Rose Parade today. Hope that it's not an omen for the Horns. So every one thinks SC will win. We'll see. Hook 'em Horns! Oh yeah, and Roll Tide!

The other shoe drops today when Bob McNair fires Dom Capers. Who will be the new coach? Watched the Texans lose the last game of the season. Can't belive they actually came close to winning it. That would have been a disaster. If they had won, the mathmatical calculatiions of who would get Bush would be enough to get a sports fan a headache. Imagine the collective Texan fans thoughts... just lose the game and be done with it!

So, starting today, it's Couch Potato Heaven. Bowl game after bowl game.Remotes on fire from channel changing. So many games, so little time. Jimmy is not happy cause the boss decreed that Monday was a workday as he took off for his long week-end. Hey, it's the New Year man, bah, humbug time is over!

I didn't make any resolutions, gave that practice up years ago. Never keep them anyway. My resolutions are just like my plans.They always get changed, sometimes for the better, more often for the worse. And they usually get changed to facilitate plans for someone else who in the long run never appreciate it anyway. Oh well, life is short and I must move on. Now I must get busy undecorating.


S said...

While watching the games Sunday we noticed the Texans were actually playing......... why??? Just didn't make sense to fight to win the game when that means you lose 1st round picks. But then I guess they didn't want to give it away?? Anyway, should be interesting to see who replaces Capers. Noticed a few coaches got the ax. Tice was fired as soon as the game was over, poor guy had to call his wife on the cell phone before she found out from someone else. Now that lacked cooth. (did I spell that right?)

It's Jan 3rd & I'm tired. At least school is back in session tomarrow! WOOHOO!