Tuesday, September 05, 2006

And Just What Did You Do?

Thursday left me crabby. I had a meltdown after trying to solve the feud between my modem and the internet. They weren't speaking to each other. Why is it all the wires seem to multiply behind the desk? Just try to find out what goes where. Finally got things running again, thus averting a unhappy poker player named Jimmy. Can't miss that big game! Friday I refused to do anything on the computer, too annoyed to write.Crawling around under the desk trying to fix the feud made me feel like I had been in a fight.

Saturday we finally got to see the exhibit of Body Worlds at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. It was a very popular exhibit. Who knew that the human body could draw such interest. Gunther von Hagens invented the art of Plastination and the creation of Body Worlds. Thousands of people have now signed up to donate their bodies for this preservation process. One would think this would be a ghoulish exhibit, but nothing could be farther from the truth. It really showed the beauty beneath the skin. Frozen in time we can see how marvelous the human body is. The exhibit also showed how the disease process harms the body. unther von Hagens showed how each of the systems worked. He had various posed bodies highlighting the various organs and systems. A popular set was three men playing poker each highlighting a different system. One of the largest displays was a horse and rider. No wonder Body Worlds is a sell out every where. It is really worth seeing.

Then there was the insect and butterfly exhibts. There are really some weird bugs out there. As you walk through the butterfly exhibit, the different colorful species fly around you. Some even may land on you. Really neat! Kids seem to enjoy the up close and personal visits by them. We will be going back again.

Of course we had to cook outside on Sunday. Yipee, I don't have to cook this week! We cooked pork chops, ribs, hot dogs and fajita meat as well as salmon. I'm a little nervous about the salmon since I don't like fish, but we thought we'd try it.

Then we had to watch the Astros lose. I should have known better. Oh well, can't have everything.


Anonymous said...

They had that "Body Worlds" exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota. My mom, who is a nurse, was really interested in going.

I have to admit, I was a little freaked out by the whole idea. I ended up not having time. Glad you enjoyed it.

Laurie said...

I'd like to see that exhibit, it looks very interesting.

And thanks for making me hungry! ;-)

B.R.L said...

The exhibit sounds like it would be very interesting.