Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Car That Parallel Parks For You?

Ok, I know this is nuts, but I heard Regis Philbin mention that Lexus was soon going to have a car that would parallel park itself. Huh? Supposedly using GPS technology this car can parallel park with out a driver. How many people would like that? I can just see the kid about to take his driver's test. "Look Officer, no hands."

Knight Rider would be proud! Kitt go park the car. Let's see, you can get alarm systems with remote start already. How soon will it be that the car will drive itself?

Does the car fight for a parking space too? Just imagine the look on the face on the drunk staggering out of the bar as that car parks itself!

Science fiction becomes science fact?


cube said...

I think I'll wait for the Kitt car. I want one of those.

Michelle said...

Hi Jill thanks for visiting my blog :o)

I wish hyundai would make a car that would park itself! Maybe they could also include a car that pays fines!!