Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Can We? Will We?

I am so tense lately because some how, some way the Astros still have a shot at going to the playoffs. Somehow the 'stros have climbed out of the wild card muck into the race for the lead in the Central Divison. Is this for real? Can they sustain the win streak? Who knows. But after last night's win over Philly and the Cards slide, any thing is possible. It is nerve wracking for sure. I'm not a nail biter but these last few games have been the stuff of movies. Talk about high drama! From being mired down in a Wild Card race, also known as the race nobody wants to win, to 2 1/2 games behind Division leading St. Louis. St. Louis has been losing lately and Houston has been winning. Which bubble will burst first? It has been said that the only chance the Astros would have to win would mean they would have to win all of the remaining games and the team(s) ahead of them would all have to lose. Could this happen? Anything is possible. I'm almost afraid to watch the games. I've gotten to the point that I switch back and forth from watching the network programs to checking on the game. Lately, if I don't watch the game from start to finish, they win. I am so nervous! Come on guys! Can the Astros become the little team that could? Around here you really need nerves of steel!


Cindy said...

Hi Jill- thanks for visiting my blog and for the comment you left. Quilly wants to come out fishing so maybe the two of you can carpool.
I hope the Astro's win so you can stop biting your nails!

cube said...

Most of what I know about being an Astros fan I know from reading your blog. But I'm a Bucs fan, so I know a little about a little team that possibly could ;-)

All you can do is watch the games and hope...