Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ok, What Next?

Well, unless the Astros can win the last eleven games they probably wont make the playoffs. Ha,ha, like that is going to happen. See you next year.

I did watch what was probably Roger Clemens last home game here in Houston. The Master did his job to the delight of the fans. Funny how a lot of people left the park after he finished. It was nice to see how he controlled the hitters. For once the Astros' bats backed him up. It was also nice to see the standing ovation of appreciation by the fans.

He has made several comments before and during this season aimed at the younger team members. I just hope they have listened. He has told them it is time for them to take charge and to also learn from the work ethic of the players like himself and Craig Biggio. Work, work, work.

I have a feeling the team may not look the same next year. Brandon Backe just had Tommy John surgery, so he will not be available next year. Biggio is oh so close to many records which the team and the owner want him to achieve. Will he? Only time will tell. There are some players that may or may not be back. Aubrey Huff is a question because he really didn't provide the punch that was needed. Ensberg and Lane had so so years. Luke Scott is a bright spot for sure. He deserves a raise. The big question, yet again, is will the Rocket come back? I doubt it, But who knows?


Duez said...

6 in a row and counting... you never know!