Friday, September 15, 2006

They Did It To Me Again

Just when I thought I was through getting price increase notices, here comes another.Time Warner sent us a letter saying that "due to rising programming costs, and the general costs of doing business, Time Warner Cable will be increasing the rates for some products and services..." Apparently our "product" is the Channel Guide Magazine which will be going up in price from $2.75 to $3.99 per month.

So how many times a month do we use this magazine? Rarely if at all. This magazine is filled with over 200 pages of schedules. Most of these have nothing to do with us because we do not have digital or premium channels. Most of this guide lists things like 10-15 pages of "events IN DEMAND or iCONTROL", another 4 to 5 pages Channel Directory for every thing from basic cable to HDTV. Another 2-4 pages is for CableSpecials. Another 12 to 14 pages (in color) feature short articles about various shows or actors featured during the month. I can not remember when I used this 250 page guide. Most of the time, if at all, I might do the crossword puzzle on the last page of the book.

I'm sure that others use this book every day. But, I don't. But I can't not "subscribe" to it. It is part of having the cable system. Wonderful. So what is up with Time Warner? They have already announced they are leaving the Houston market and Comcast will be taking over. I find this whole thing a little funny. The cable company has to manage its increasing costs so they raise rates. At the same time they are pushing advertizing for new services or bundled services as well as jobs. They want people to sign up for cable, internet, and phone for $100 for six months. Hey, great deal, right? So why do this if Comcast will be taking over in March, which is roughly 6 months.? Who are they kidding? Since I can't not subscribe to this magazine, maybe I'll save it and use it in the fireplace.

Let me see...what will the mail bring today? Maybe the garbage will up it's rates or maybe the water. Maybe the phone company will want to change something. Oh wait, they already want me to bundle my tv, internet, and phone for $100 for 6 months. Didn't I just see that? Oh yeah, at Time Warner.


Anonymous said...

You "have" to subscribe to this even if you don't want it? That's kinda crappy! Switch to Direct TV & say I recommended you so I can get $100 off my bill! (That will pay for at least some of the NFL Sunday Ticket. LOL!)

TEN33GIRL said...

Out here in California Time Warner is taking over Comcast, which is who I use for internet. Not by chose but simply because they're the only one's who service my area. I wonder if Time Warner is gonna up the cost of my internet

Lori's Minute said...

I am fed up with all the charges, too, amkes me want to just chuck it all and live in a cave.

Cindy said...

We have a commercial around here where a guy goes into a restaraunt and orders the special (which looks like an ordinary big breakfast). While he's sitting there another guy is changing the price of the special on a sign in the window. He ups it from original price to $9.99, then to $19.99. The other guy snags the waitress and asks if that's the price of the special. She looks and says, "yup". The price changing guy now has the price up to $29.99 and then right up to $39.99. The one who's eating starts eating a whole lot faster. "Excuse me, is that the price of the special?!" and again the waitress says it is. The guy says, "but when I got here it was, well, cheaper..." to which the waitress nonchalantly replies, "prices go up."
They sure do.