Friday, September 22, 2006

Oh, Bite Me!

Fall starts this evening. Yipee. Will I save any money on my electric bill? The leaves on the trees have been falling for a while now. Too bad, none of them are the pretty fall colored ones. Around here, they are either green or brown. A few are yellow which means they will be falling soon. Any day now I expect the tallow tree next door to be bald again. That, of course, means all the leaves will be in my yard.

My wonderful landlord never sent anyone to check the AC unit. Imagine that. Any day now I expect a call because my neighbor has a car parked in front of my house. That family has vehicles parked in two different driveways and now in front of my house. Well, at least they finally gave away their big brown dog. They decided to give to someone who had room for the dog to roam. Since he liked to roam around the neighborhood it was a good choice. Duh... I hope he is happier there.

My daughter called me at 9:00 from California. "What time is it there?" Since it was only 7:00 there I asked her what she was doing up so early. She's not an early riser. Must be nice to jump off to different cities for "business" meetings. And yet they have no money and let their truck be repo'd. Go figure. Her husband tried to get us to join in the business, no thanks. Too much like Amway for my tastes. No money, but they find a way to the meetings? Hum...

The Texans play the Redskins Sunday. Let's all laugh now! They are both 0-2, so which one will rise up and bite the other team?

Lastly, and sadly, the City of Houston lost one of it's police officers yesterday. A routine traffic stop turned deadly. Some how after the officer put the man into the police car the suspect managed to pull out a gun and shoot the office 5 times in the back of the head as the officer sat in the front seat.

Bite me before I snarl at all this crap!


Anonymous said...

There is probably a new law against unreasonable searches of scumbags before they can be put into police cars. What a tragedy.