Monday, September 25, 2006

Tell Me Again Why We Should Let Illegal Aliens In.

The murder on police officer Rodney Johnson brings up, yet again, the question of what to do about illegal aliens. His killer is an undocumented immigrant who was previously convicted on indecency with a child. He was deported after that. He returned to Houston and apparently worked in landscaping or some other outside day labor work. Nice work for someone who is not supposed to be here.

Officer Rodney Johnson was well liked by the members of his department and the people he served. His wife is also a police officer. Because of the dangerous work they did, the Johnsons encouraged their five children to go into other professiions.
Officer Rodney Johnson loved his job, rarely taking time off or vacations. He was honored for courage and bravery more than once.

Juan Quintero confessed to the shooting but offered no explanation. He shot the officer several times in the head. A Tow truck driver at the scene narrowly missed being hit.

Police Chief Harold Hurtt appeared on Good Morning America blaming the federal government for not securing our borders. Most police departments do not have the time or manpower to do immigration checks on suspects as some federal officials have suggested. If Officer Johnson had been able to check the immigration status of this man, maybe he would not have been killed. Maybe not.

As a border state Texas is home to a lot of illegal immigrants, many of whom think they should be given amnesty and allowed to stay here. Amnesty, my ass!


Lady Jane said...

I agree!