Friday, September 08, 2006

And When Are You Coming To Get Your Stuff?

Amanda called me a couple of weeks ago to discuss the problem created by her cousin's ex. Seems that this chick moved out ( or was tossed) but has left a lot of stuff in the house. Since Amanda is now living there, they need the extra space. As a result she has been trying to get the girl to come get the stuff she left behind. Apparently this has not be easy. So Amanda asked me what I thought. I suggested that she send a certified letter telling her that if she did not pick up her stuff within a certain amount of time, it may be tossed. Now,I don't know what the outcome is or was but yesterday while I was cleaning I thought about all the stuff Amanda left here.

Just when is Amanda coming to get her stuff? Good question. She's got a couple of piles of cookbooks still sitting on my fireplace hearth. I finally pulled out the stuff she had in the panty and put it in bags. I could not find anything in the pantry. I think I got most of it out. At least now I can see what is in there. But now I have some bags sitting in the living room. She still has some things in my freezer. And then there is the stuff she left in the bedroom. Let's see, still there is her desk, chair, printer, pictures, a vase various other things.

Come get your stuff! I need to clean that room! You promised you would do this a while ago, but you haven't yet. Is the pot calling the kettle black? I know you are busy with work, helping your mother with your sister and being the gang leader. How about taking some time to visit your Dad and move the rest of your things out. Ok?


Lori's Minute said...

Sending the certified letter is a good idea. I wonder what my kids will leave when they move out. But they will know I will get rid of stuff if they do not take it because I am sort of like that since hubby is a pack rat. I would pack all of her stuff and put it in the garage and give her until Christmas to pick it upor you will bring it to her and put it on her front porch! Or when she comes over, take it out to her car when she is not looking. Say you are having a rummage sale so if she wants it, come and get it. I know, easier said than done.

TEN33GIRL said...

When I left my dad's house I left alot of stuff behind. My grandmother eventually moved in with him and she ended up putting the stuff outside for a yard sale! I had to buy back some of my own stuff!! ha ha serves me right. She got her point across and she let me keep some of the money from the sale of my stuff :D