Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Another Box Down

I got most of the kitchen stuff out of the boxes. My pantry is so full that now I can find anything. But that will just have to wait for another day. At least I got all the liquor put away! I'm not a kitchen type of person. Cooking just doesn't really interest me, but now I really appreciate how much room I had in the other kitchen. I really think this may be the smallest place I have lived in a long time. I already miss the big house. I'm still in awe that we have so much stuff. And this was after I took a bunch of stuff to Good Will. Our new storage building is full. Of course the guys really didn't make an effort to pack the stuff in neatly. I guess that will be a project for later. Somehow I need to get Jimmy to clean out the other one which is filled mostly with useless plumbing materials. He said that he could maybe throw some of it away if the dumpster people would bring out some empty ones to his job site. Sure...But that would mean that he would actually have to go to the building and take stuff out of it. At $150 a month, I wish he could get the stuff out and either taken to the office or tossed out. He's even thinking about just stopping payment for it and let them auction off the junk. I'd rather not cause I dont want that on our credit. We are just now getting the bad stuff off our credit. But I really dont like having to pay for two storage buildings again, especially since his pas been cut.

Right now the second bedroom is becoming the upstairs storage room. I've been putting everything that won't go downstairs in it. Since this bedroom has the biggest closet in the house I've been thinking of buying some extra shelving and storing things in it besides the extra clothes and other stuff. After all, why not put the stuff that is rarely used out of sight? I dragged the big electric roaster up there. I only use it to bake turkey or some large stuff for company. That is only once or twice a year.

I am a little sad cause this is the first year that we will not have a Christmas tree. First, the kids moved it to the storage building and I don't know if we can get to it and second, I don't know where we would put it. And of course there is no room for my Dickens Village. It's just not Christmas at my house without all these things. I've just about decided to give most of our motion characters to the kids. We have a bunch of Christmas characters that are animated and the kids liked them when they were littler. Amanda even named two of them. We think we will give her those and Traci and Annie can split what they want. I never realized how many we have and how much storage room they use.

Since the maintaince man has not been here in a week to "finish" his work I really have not tried to really get the house in order. I just stuffed things around where they will be. I haven't tried to make it look normal, just get it out of the boxes. Plus I was trying to wait for him to be out of the way. But, I can't wait forever. We put the computer desk in front of one of the living room windows. We tried to wait for him to put the blinds on this window, but that hasn't happened. So, blocking the window with the desk does provide some privacy. He's gonna have fun trying to move the desk to put up the blinds now. Should have already done that, not my problem! Then we want to get some curtains on all three living room windows. We had to put up curtains in our bedroom. Why? Blinds aren't up there either. I have sent the landlady a list of things that we found wrong, which she requested. Any body want odds on if and when anything will be fixed? Oh well, you get what you pay for and at this point we are just trying to save money and get the money situation back on track. Hopefully, I can find some kind of work that I can do at home.

Well, it's time to go unload another box. Do I really have to? After all, when we win the lottery, we'll just have to pack up again! At least then I would be able to hire movers to pack, move, and set it all up! One can always hope! Gotta be positive! Take one step back to get four steps ahead. Right?

At least I found the copy paper. I thought it was in a box either with the computer stuff or the desk stuff, but no, it was in a small suitcase with some business stuff. Well, at least it was in the general area, sort of. And I found the box of homemade pickles that Jimmy's dad had made nearyl nine years ago. Wonder if they are any good? They are the last one's his dad made and Jimmy refuses to open and eat them. Senimental, huh.


Anonymous said...

Several years ago we had to spend a Christmas without our traditional Christmas things.(long story) It seemed like it would be depressing at first, but we started new traditions that lasted even after we were able to celebrate more traditionally. Where there is love, there will be Christmas. Glad Lady and Daisy have a great playground.