Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Waiting For Mr. Fix-It

I'm sitting here waiting for the guy to come finish the stuff that should have been finished before we moved in. He's supposed to be here this morning. We shall see. Let's see what he will have to do. Install smoke alarms, find and put the globe over the naked light in the hall bath, fix broken tile in the kitchen, put a new burner on the stove, fix the countertop sides and put up window blinds. That is just the short list. I told the landlady that there were no good window screens on any windows but she said she doesn't provide those since "kids just tear them up". What does that say? He should put window blinds on one window in the living room where we put the computer desk and both bedrooms. I guess he'll do the one in the second bedroom. He probably won't do the one in our bedroom since we put curtains up. We had to do something while we waited. A naked bedroom window isn't good. It should be "fun" watching him try to put up blinds over this computer desk. This desk is tall and heavy. Maybe he can use a stepladder. I dug around in the hall closet to find some used tiles that he may be able to use to replace the broken kitchen ones.

Minor fixups, right? And just what is he going to do with the big buckets of paint that are sitting in the downstairs closet? When is he going to clean up the mess in the back "yard"? And of course the garbage disposal goes out after I already sent her our fix-it list. I am not going to buy another one right now. Funny how she told me about the repair deposit as I was signing the lease. Most places have a $50-$75 one, hers is $275. So we have to pay the first $275 and she will take what ever is over that off the rent on the following month if we send her the receipts. I wish she had told me that sooner, it may have made a difference on if we rented this place. Oh well, beggers can't be choosers. This is the cheapest rent we could find that is in a fairly nice area. The houses in the subdivision down the street are really nice, even nicer than the area where we used to live.

I guess I should be happy that we have something. It is going to be tough for the next 6 months since Jimmy had to borrow money to move from Steve. $100 a week off a pay check makes it hard to make ends meet. Guess I'll have to find a job. Maybe I can find a way to work from home. I'd really like that.

Ok Mr Fix-It, time to get here and get busy. Any time now!