Thursday, December 07, 2006

Watch Out For That First Step!

I don't think that Lady and Daisy have figured out how to walk around the upstairs hall (such as it is)yet. Since those few feet have tiles instead of carpet, walking off the bedroom carpet to the hallway is quite and exercise when they are in a hurry. When are those two not in a hurry? Out of the bedroom and down the stairs they go, or try to. Traction is not an option. They are always in a hurry to go down stairs that they slip and slide along to the stairs. I still dont understand why there is tile instead of carpet there. It wouldn't be any more expensive. Oh well. But it is funny watching Lady and Daisy trying to negotiate that turn. Plus Lady's nails are long again which I'm sure is a hinderance for her. And guess where the nail clippers are. No, not in a box on the floor here. That would be too easy. I always kept them in the kitchen island which is on wheels. Whoever moved it to the storage building dumped them back into the drawer and off they went to the back of the building. I din't get them off fast enough.Now I need to buy another pair. That will be less trouble than digging through the storage building. Sorry Lady. Should I get you a rug? Look out below!


Dr.John said...

It must be funny to watch Lady and Daisy slide along on the floor. Moving is such a pain and little thinghs like clipers disapear.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like they have their own private doggie park.