Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bah Humbug, the Grinch Did Steal Christmas!

Merry Christmas Andy. Going to the Big Apple? For months Andy Pettitte put people off by saying that he was not sure if he wanted to play anymore. A few weeks ago he had not made up his mind. Then during the winter baseball meetings the Yankees offered him a deal. The fans and the Astros thought that maybe this would be a negotiating point. The Astros made their offer. After all Andy said when he signed with Houston he was glad to be able to be at home with his family and able to play for the hometown fans. But now he decided to leave Houston to go back to the Yankees. So much for being able to play at home. The contract offers were not that far off between the two teams. But...

I don't know about the rest of the Houston Astro fans, but I feel a little cheated. Now some people are wondering it Roger will leave too. I hope not, after all his son is playing for the Astros minor league team.

That's why some of us are now saying that the Grinch (Andy Pettitte) stole Christmas.
Thanks Andy. Of course Andy didn't really play as well as he should have for the last couple of years. He did have some elbow problems which made him less than effective. And he is 34. So maybe it is time. Humbug.

We'd still like to have him but, since the front office was apparently not that distressed by Pettitte's descision maybe they have some good presents on the way for the team and not a lump of coal. After all even Scrooge saw the light eventually.


Anonymous said...

Andy Pettitte is a Yankee. He was stolen by the Astros. He's back home now. That's it.

BTW, you can keep the rat Roger Clemens.

cube said...

Pettitte hasn't been playing well anyway. I don't know why the Yankees even want him back.