Tuesday, December 05, 2006

When Will We Have It Done?

How come the window blinds are not up? You call that a paint job? My 5 year old grandson could do a neater job. The landlady made a big issue of the smoke detectors, so how come they are still not installed? It took nearly a week for the guy to put down new (ugly) floor tile in the upstairs hall.

I'm finding some things that should have been finished before we moved in but as yet are not. The window blinds are about 1/2 inch too long, so I guess the guy got frustrated. If neatness counts in school he failed. The paint job is sloppy. Well, the landlady said for me to make her a list of things that are not right. Santa's list is shorter.

Then again, I guess this may be one of the reasons the rent is lower. I don't speak Spanish and the maintainance man doesn't speak English. Plus, you never know when or if he will show up to finish things. For several days while we were bringing things to the house he was here sometimes till 7 at night. Of course he didn't get here until after noon. I had to put the dogs in our bedroom and put up a don't enter sign. We haven't seen him at all since last Wed.

Then I did not get off to a good start with one of my new neighbors. After spending a couple of days getting the last of our stuff out of our old house and cleaning it I was super tired. As I pulled into the parking lot to unload some stuff, my new neighbor bitched me out because I was in her parking spot. The maintance guy was in mine. I asked if she could wait just a couple of minutes till I got the stuff unloaded. After all the lot was not full. Oh no! She told me in no uncertain terms that I needed to get out of her spot. To say she was rude was an understatement! At that point, I lost my cool and said "F*** it" and moved my car. Then I was upset with myself. I never use that word in public. I've met a couple of our neighbors and they are not like her, though. Seeing her proves why some people have a bad reputation. Guess we won't be exchanging Christmas cards. She has certainly not done anything to change any one's opinion of people like her.

Have no idea if or when the little odd jobs will get done. I'm getting my list ready...


cube said...

What a nasty neighbor. I can't believe she didn't cut you some slack...I would've.

Anonymous said...

Why does every neighborhood seem to have one really nasty person and you meet them on your first few days? Maybe it's to make the rest of the people look good. And why DO we always accumulate so much stuff? At least you have your lifeline to the computer.