Thursday, December 14, 2006

Day Two, Where is Mr.Fix-It?

Hung around the house yesterday. Why? Mr.Fix-It didn't show up. Gee. Imagine that. So I am still waiting. We could do some of this stuff ourselves, but why should we?

Now Jimmy and I are thinking that maybe there is some mold or some other denizen in this place that is making us sick. We both have had cold symptoms since we moved here. We first thought it was from the grandson, Brad. Seemed that all of us got a cold, but ours has lingered on and on. Could it be this place. New paint still smells. But...

Maybe I could write a murder mystery about this house. Made something weird did happen here. Maybe that is why the landlady never let us see this unit before it was painted and the new carpet put in.

So, in between throat clearing and sneezing, I'm still waiting for Mr.Fix-It. Really good use of my time. If I get started on something, then he will show up and I'll have to rearrange everything I'm doing. Sigh.


cube said...

Writing a mystery about that place would solve your working at home dilemma. You have a way with words. Hmmm, sounds like a plan to me.

Bazza said...

cube is right, you know it makes sense.