Tuesday, December 26, 2006

You Tell Me

What do empty Mountain Dew,Bud light bottles, a Chick-fil-la cup, crushed Bud Light and Coke cans, a new phone book and a girl's Pink "pullup" training pants have in common? Nothing! This is just a source of irritation. Ever since we moved here I have noticed these items on the front stoop of the front neighbor's townhouse. Does he not have a trash can? If I did this it would not be noticed because our house is in the back. But his front door opens right onto the parking lot. So I can see if he is in a hurry or was finishing a bite to eat as he got out of the car. Put them down, fumble for the house key, then go inside. But why leave the bottles and cans of beer and the other stuff there too? And what is with that one "pullup"?. It is not lying down, but sitting up against the wall. That is odd. Never seen him with a kid. And I guess he doesn't need a new phone book. They do seem to multiple a lot around here. But as a whole these items do provide fodder for speculation. Why are they there and why have they been there so long? Does he plan to drop kick them into the parking lot? Maybe he has a bad back which hurts to bend over to pick things up. Maybe there is nothing to it at all. I just find the collection of these items a little odd, especially since they have been there so long. What's the deal? You tell me.


Anonymous said...

Gross. Something about a guy with a girl's Pull-Up and no sign of being a dad, eww.
Sorry you have look at that. Maybe start adding to it and see if he catches on.