Friday, December 08, 2006

Giving At Christmas

This time of year always makes me wish I could do more for those people who have fallen through the cracks of life. The local tv and radio stations all are having there "Share your Holidays" drives. There are drives for food, clothes and toys. The police have the Blue Santa and the Marines have the "Toys for Tots". There is even an Hispanic Santa who vists kids here. I always try to put a few bits of change in the red kettle. I think it is so nice that so many people work together to help others.

I still remember a tv episode in which George Jefferson went to his old run down apartment house where he lived as a child. He snuck a decorated tree and some presents in. He remembered how poor he was as a child and he wanted to give back. I always thought that episode was so nice because noone knew where the tree and gifts came from. A real heart-string tugger that episode was.

Even today there are so many stories on tv about how people change lives by helping without expecting something in return. We all love these stories. Something bugs me though. Why don't we have this spirit of giving all year round? Do we feel guilty because we have ignored the less fortunate the rest of the year? I think it is great that so many organizations try to make sure every child has a toy and every family has food. We feel the love and love to give at Christmas. It makes us feel good to give presents at Christmas, knowing that maybe without our one act of giving, someone would go without. But where is that spirit in May or July? People still need clothes and food. Kids still want presents. Some kids don't even have school supplies.

Our charities and religious groups do the best they can. But, ultimately it is up to us not to forget that there is need every day of the year. Giving at Christmas is wonderful. Just remember there are 364 other days in the year. Give a little each day. Even if it is only a smile and a kind word.


Louisiana said...

you have touched my heart so much with this beautiful post. thank you for writting it, for coming and leaving me such a nice comment and not just for that for then i came here and got to read your words.

how true they are. we were helped 3 yrs and i am one of those stories that can honestly say how grateful we were and how much love and comfort they gave us. your words ring true in my mind and heart...not just in the holiday season but all year round.

annieskyman said...

Mom...that is a great post. I couldn't agree more. It's so true. I'm doing what I can to make things easier for people.

I'm glad that you had a good thanksgiving. It was my pleasure to help you! Love ya!

Dr.John said...

At United we also colected food at Lent.What is missing the rest of teh year is a vehicle for giving and a way for that vehicle to remind us.