Friday, December 15, 2006

Lopsided I am.

Yesterday was a rather annoying one. My first clue was that Mr.Fix-It did not come to do his thing. Good thing I'm not holding my breath. Also Daisy chose to annoy me as much as possible. First she pooped on the carpet in the bedroom. Needless to say I was not happy. Then she thought it would be fun to bark at every noise. Even Lady was not exempt, as Daisy picked at her constantly all day long. Even taking Daisy on a couple of long walks did nothing to ease the situation . Where is that Dog Whisperer!

But the most annoying thing of all was the fact that in my irritation I broke the temple of my glasses. Luckily, these are not my everyday prescription glasses, but the ones I use while I am on the computer.I'm mad at myself for getting irritated at Daisy. She was pestering Lady and as I got up from the desk for the umteenth time to scold Daisy, I yanked my glasses of and in the process I pulled the temple part off. So, now I either have to find the tape and put it back together or buy a new pair. Right now they are sitting lopsided on my nose. Now this is irritating! I keep trying to get them to sit straight. Of course they won't since there is nothing to hold them over my left ear. I even feel that I am looking at thinks askew. Oh where, oh where is the Nerd's remedy, the tape! I can't stand this lopsided look at the screen!

Will my view of the world be lopesided too? Maybe it already is...