Thursday, December 21, 2006

Fan Appreciation?

Really? I heard a radio promo the other day for our wonderful excuse for a football team. I had to chuckle at the thought of "Fan Appreciation Day" for the "fans" of the Houston Texans football team. The last game of the season is against the Cleveland Browns. Both teams to this point have 4-10 records. I guess the fans should be happy. After all this year they are not the worst team in the league. That dubious honor goes to both Oakland and Detroit at 2-12. Tampa Bay is worse than us at 3-11. But the Texans fans have been suffering through the Texans growing pains for nearly 5 years now. The fans who have the nerve to buy tickets to the games should be appreciated. At least sitting at home watching on tv I can change the channel!

It just struck me funny. Fan Appreciation Day on New Year's Eve. Could be worse, April Fools Day would be good. After all the Texans have been pretending to be a real football team for almost 5 years. Did Bob McNair learn anything this year? The fans are still not happy that neither Vince or Reggie were considered. Talk about a mistatke? Just look where those two guys are now. Well at least they did pick DeMeco Ryans who has been spectacular.

I guess it is fitting to salute the long suffering fans. Ever since Bud Adams moved the Oilers to Tennessee and renamed them the Titans, Houston football fans have been mad. It is only fair to treat those who sit through those hours of painful football at the stadium to be honored. After all they could quit buying tickets, right? The best thing the Texans can do for the fans is find out who highjacked the real team. The current team is surely not the real team. Then of course there is this year's draft choices to make. The fans will be praying for divine intervention this time for sure. Want to really show the fans appreciation? Find some good players!


Anonymous said...

Hello from Seattle from a former Houstonian. How is Houston these days?

Steve Kenul said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. If things go well, and hinestly, I don't want them too, we might also take Roger back. And about Japanese players, I wouldn't be too worried, not all of them are good.

Anonymous said...

The S.F. 49'ers (my team, though it gets harder to believe how many rebuilding years they need)are now running TV ads to convince people to go to their abysmal games. How the mighty have fallen.