Monday, May 23, 2005

Error Report attacks

Sometimes I wonder about Microsoft. Why is it when I am writing something that I have just thought and dont want to lose it-Microsoft does it for me? The other day I had captured some thoughts and was writing them while they were fresh when I get the message the Microsoft had detected an error and would have to close. Do you want to send an error report? Yeah right, you made me loose something I cant get back. I had it when I'm on a roll and something goes awry. Thanks Uncle Bill!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Flushing the Quran

I know Newsweek is in a world of trouble because of the Quran flushing story. I have a serious question about this. How do you flush a book down the toilet? When my children were small, they would occasionally drop a toy into it. This would usually result in the toilet overflowing and questions asked about why they did it. Not to mention the overwhelming desire to flush the kids,too. So, without totally tearing all the pages out of the Quran, how did they get it down?My husband is a plumber and he has unstopped many a toilet in his day. Trust me, a book is not that easy! Could this story have been fabricated?

Monday, May 16, 2005

What's Next?

Well we now have yet another official Texas item. We all know that the Mockingbird is the state bird and the Bluebonnet is the official state flower. Now our wonderful legislature has voted to name the Blue Lacy as the official state dog. I have nothing against dogs. I love dogs. But come on... I thought it was nuts when our politicos voted the dutch oven the official utensil of Texas. Now we have an official dog. Meanwhile the school funding bill goes nowhere.Why dont they vote for an official Texas worm? Our elected officials never cease to amaze me. They could be debating and planning how to help our state by solving serious issues like school finance, but at least we have an offical state dog. What is the official state cat? What will they think of next?

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Peter Pan

Peter Pan lives. I guess we all know some people who just never grow up. They never accept responsibility for anything and choose to take advantage of others. It does not matter who or what they take advantage of but it continues to the point that others wonder when it will end.Some people find it easier to, for example, continue college long after they should have finished because they are more book oriented than people oriented. After all, a book wont disagree with them. It is a good way to avoid responsibility thou.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Clueless in El Paso

Some men just dont get it. Women love to get flowers and gifts, even cards. But men are clueless to this fact. Maybe it's the testosterone. Yesterday was Mother's Day. My daughter's husband completely ignored the date. They have two little boys. She called to wish me a Happy Mother's Day and I could tell she was upset. Seems she was not happy with hubby's lack of interest. Just cause he is not interested does not mean that she isnt. Shame on the father who does not make sure that he and his children honor the mother of those children! Where's my 2x4. He needs a good smack on the head!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Texas is really going down hill. Now the legislature wants to get involved in the dance routines that the cheerleaders do. Yeah we really need to legislate that! Where are the parents? Do they not have adult advisors? Small town Texas lives for high school football. Booster clubs are everywhere. I wonder if the parents dont care or go to the games and events which involve the cheerleaders. What is the matter with the grownups in this state? Does anybody care?

Monday, May 02, 2005


It will soon be Mother's Day. Every mother has received the funny little gifts when their children. But, one must also remember the mothers who are gone. I remember my mother and sometimes wish I could talk to her. My mother died in 1969 at the age of 49. She never saw me get married (twice) and never got the chance to see her grandchildren. More than anything I realize that most of the time she was right. We frequently did not get along, but now I sometimes wish I could talk to her. I think I understand her better now, unfortunately it's too late now.