Friday, December 30, 2005

Ok, ok, I'll rake the leaves, maybe

Walking out to get the mail the other day I noticed that the front yard was covered in a blanket of snow, or should I say leaves. Watching the wind blow the leaves of the oak tree, it did resemble a snow storm. So many leaves were blowing, not falling, onto the ground that I could not longer see the lawn. I had already swept them up once. As I looked up there were still a lot of leaves left on this deciduous (big word for a blond)tree, even with the wind pushing them off the tree. Gotta rake again, I guess. After going back into the house, I noticed something else. The tallow tree in my neighbor's back yard. Now this tree sits right at the fence between our two back yards. I am not a real fan of tallow trees. They grow fast and provide quick shade in the summer, but they have annoying fruit/nuts that seem to be around all year long. They really create a mess and have a tendency to propagate the entire neighborhood, kind of like the horny dog the neighbor's have. That's odd, I thought as I looked out the kitchen window. The tallow tree had decided this would be a good day to throw up on my back yard. I guess it held on as long as it could. But the rush to relieve itself of it's leaves was just too much for it. So, there in the corner of my backyard lay yet another blanket of leaves. Funny how they weren't there the previous day. Yet again I am reminded why I dont like tallow trees. Of all the leaves covering the yard, these are the ones that blow around the most and stick to the shoe bottoms the most. In the morning when it is wet is when they seem to enjoy visiting the inside of the house. Like the mother-in-law who wont leave they seem to be a constant reminder of the trouble they have produced. So, I guess I have to rake the back yard now. Maybe I can pull a Tom Sawyer act on my son. Oh Pat, this is such fun, dont you want to help?

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Annoying toys and psychology

Why do people buy the kids and/or grandkids annoying toy? Simple. Our kids annoyed us with loud,obnoxious toys usually given by relatives. I still remember the Tuneyville Choo-choo that my ex- sister in law gave my kids. That thing never shut up. Sometimes is goes back to as Erma Bombeck said"just wait till you have kids of your own". While I love my children and grandchildren, sometimes I just gotta do it! The psychology of it, since my kids pestered and bugged me about everything, is that now I can get back at them. Can't spank them anymore. Can't tell them anything cause they dont listen or think they know it all. It has been suggested that certain toys have been left "accidentally" at Grandma's house. Sometimes Mom says to the kid that the toy broke when she really took out the battery. This works right into the plan. If it annoys the mother that much..ha,ha. Serves you right for sticking your toys at me all the time when you were a kid. Let's be honest here, not all kids are little angels. Mine weren't. Oh they did all the usual stuff that little kids do. As they got older I kept telling them what would happen...they didn't listen. Painting the high school at 13 was really fun, till one got caught. One not only stole change, money and jewelry, she would take the car for joy rides. When asked she always said "I didn't do that" No? You have the longest legs and I do not listen to that radio station. And since I work out of town I know how much gas should be in the tank. Just you wait till you have kids. Yeah I admit I look for annoying toys, toys with lots of parts, and toys that are maddening to get out of the box. If that is the worst that happens to you and your kids, you will be lucky. Pay attention to them, they won't be little long. There is a method to my madness. Made you think!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Art of the Gift

Some gifts just keep on giving...headaches. And just who is the sadistic person responsible? Not the gift giver, unless you are me and love to annoy people. But you are not me, he he. So, have you ever recieved a gift that was difficult to get out of the box? This is usuallly something from a very nice department or speciality store. For example, the gift basket from a bath shop. The gift is presented so nicely, wrapped in ribbons and secured in a pretty basket. Just try to get the bath stuff out of that basket.You'll run out of hot water before you can get the shower gel out! The company secures the items with globs or rubber glue. I defy anyone to get stuff out of the basket. Dont tear up the basket, please. Some times they stick the bottles and tubes into plastic and glue. Trust me, patience and time might make it easy. Then again, maybe not, just dont try to take the bath products out when you're in a hurry.

Then of course some people like to buy children the playsets with LOTS of pieces. Actually, I'm one of those evil people who buy these toys on purpose. After all, it's all about payback! Yes, I go to the store looking for the doll set or toy car set that will surely drive the parent nuts! They look so nice in the store. All those small pieces or dolls that have to be freed from the plastic covers and all the ties behind that are curse worthy while trying to free them for the child. I think these play sets are harded to open than they were when my kids were little.

And of course, there is always the question of regifting. It's been said that the term regifting was coined by the cast of the Seinfeld TV show. I don't really know. I was probably the one person in the country who never watched that show. But, regifting isn't new. My grandmother, who died in the early 1980's was an expert. No one really every knew what to get Grandmother. After all, what do you get someone who has been around forever and doesn't like anything. It didn't matter what the family gave her for her birthday and Christmas, most of the gifts ended up in "the closet". Grandmother had a closet in her den which always smelled like mothballs. Guess where the gifts went? She had an uncanny ability to know when and who to regift. You never got your gift back. It didn't matter. The gift could be hankerchefs, brooches, earrings, perfume, books or whatever. Some lucky person would eventually be the reciepent of a regift. Maybe we should have just bought her a case of beer. She loved beer. Hey, Daddy, why don't we get Grandmother some beer? At least she'd use that. But, if you got a gift which smelled like mothballs, you'd been regifted! She was a Master!

Gift giving...aint it great!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Wait...slow down!

Christmas is over. We had a nice visit with my stepdaughter and my son, his girlfriend and her son. Annie and Jason went with his parents to be with his family. Traci and her family did not show. Annie had said she was told Traci & family would be here the day after Christmas. I suspect she must have meant next week end. Heaven knows we heard not a word from Traci. Any way, Jimmy and I watched the new Batman movie and the unrated Dukes movie. Then we watched them again when Pat, Amanda, Heather and Logan were here. I think I am way to critical about the current crop of movies. I liked the Batman one ok but I still like the TV version was the best. I was not impressed with the unrated Dukes. Again, I still like the TV one better.

So where is time going so fast. Christmas is over. Wasn't it just summer? The new year will soon be here. I would rather slow down time. I blink and another year has gone. What happened to winter. The week before Christmas the weather people were teasing us with the slight possibility of snow at Christmas, Today we may reach 80.Did I miss a season? Baseball spring training is right around the corner and the NFL draft is not far behind. Slow down will ya. You're driving me crazy too fast. Not that it would be that far of a trip.

I did get a laugh from Queen Latifa's WalMart commercial continuation.Clever way to push her movie.

I am ready to take all the decorations down now. Funny, seems that once the presents are opened and the meals are eaten, I am ready to move on. Maybe I need to slow down too. If only I could. Time moves too fast now. Slow down a little, please!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Drayton McLane--Have You Lost Your Mind?

Of all the bonehead, dumb moves that should not have been made this is it! The Houston Astros are replacing their radio color man, former Astros catcher Alan Ashby!No one expected this, least of all Ashby! After playing for the team for 11 years and broadcasting for 8, he was told he was no longer needed. He was blindsided as were his friends, family and fans. The local media is outraged. Alan Ashby is one of the really nice guys and this is how he gets treated? Since Hall of Famer Milo Hamilton at 78 will only be doing the home games, the team needed another broadcaster. Ashby obviously knows the team very well and has a wonderful history with them. In addition to his playing days prior to radio, he was the bullpen coach in 1997. Having been interviewed for the vacant road play-by-play job, he was called to the ballpark for a meeting thinking he was about to get good news. Instead, he was completely shocked to learn that he was not going to be retained. "I made the assumption I was getting the play-by-play job. They told me they were going in an extremely different direction and I was not going to be retained for 2006. I was titally blown away and surprised, and I'm devastated." Talk about a kick in the gut!

The new team of Brett Dolan and Dave Raymond will be paired with Hamilton for his 22nd season of Astros broatcasting. These guys have experience in Minor League broadcasting. Neither has any knowlege of the Astros. Dolan comes from the Triple A Tuscon Sidewinders. Raymond has Major League experience with the Orioles and Giants. Last year he broadcast the Brocton Rox of the Independent Can-Am League in Brocton, Mass.

I don't like this change at all. Ashby knows the team very well and had a good relationship with Milo Hamilton. Why would "fix what aint broke"? The TV/Radio sports guys are just stunned. They let McLane know what they thought of the change. And it wasn't pretty. Talk about dumb moves. Drayton, What were you thinking? What a boneheaded, stupid move. It smacks of the move former owner, Dr. John McMullin made when he sent Nolan Ryan on up the road to the Rangers where he went on to make more history. Can you say No-Hitter? Dumb,Dumb, Dumb!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

To be tell you the truth?

Ever notice that some phrases make you stop and wonder about what the person is really saying? How many times have you heard an interview with a politician (Ha), sports star or expert who says something like "to tell you the truth" What does that mean? Were the first 10 minutes not the truth? Same thing for people who, in a discussion, will say "to be honest or if the truth be told..." I dont know why but I starting thinking about these phrases the other day. I was watching an interview with a professional basketball player at the time he said one of these phrases. It stuck in the useless interest part of my mind. Makes you wonder why people say these. We all do it. These phrases all beg the question about the real truth of the conversation. It is almost as if the person has only said things untrue to that point. I couldnt resist thinking that if we say these things what does it say about
what we really mean?

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Signs of the Season

We all know the signs of the season. Christmas trees, wreaths, wrapping paper and so on. Some people actually have snow. Here, we just get teased with the possibility (or lack of it)of snow. Turkeys and hams abound in the grocery. The malls have been decorated for quite some time. People are frantic, trying to find just the right gift. The kids are now out of school for the holidays. Christmas music and commercials have been playing for a Long time. But, it is never really the Christmas season until you see two commercials (or actually find one in a store) for, ta da, drum roll, please... Chia pets and clappers. Every year it seems that just before Christmas these things start getting a lot of air time. Does anyone actually buy a Chia pet? Some how I can't see me clapping to turn of a light or turn on/off the TV but these two items seem to be advertised a lot just before crunchtime. Yes, those last few days when you have exhausted your brain trying to thing of something to get Aunt Martha who hates everything. Does any body actually grow a Chia pet? Does it really work? Or is it something for people who can't grow anything? At least now I can finally say it is Christmas time. The true signs of the season are here. Let's all run right out and get someone a gift of a Chia Pet or Clapper! Especially some one we don't really like. Ha,Ha!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Crunch Time

First I must say Thank God for small favors. Finally Jason may have a job. If he passes the background check they can move to Brownwood where he would work with the USAD processing rural home loans. He did this on a temp basis a while back. Now to show just how organized our wonderfull federal government is he has to pass a background check. Funny, he had applied for a job in their Angleton office where they did a background check. Now they need to do another one for the same job but in a different location? Huh!? But, that our tax dollars being well spent!

So, we are almost done with our shopping... This year cheap is the code word. Sorry kids, no TVs or DVD players this year!

We will have most of the family here Sunday for dinner. Amanda will go to her mother's on Sat and here Sunday. My son and his girl friend will come over Sunday. He is so glad he can come here this year, after having to visit his almost ex-wife's family every year. The El Paso bunch can't come since they came for T-Giving. The one thing that gets me, however, is my daughter in Aransas Pass. How come she can tell Annie in El Paso what we can expect but she can't tell me? I found out from Annie last week that Traci and her family will be here the day after Christmas. Of course this is the woman who wont call, would rather e-mail usually when She wants something. I checked my e-mail this am to see if she had e-mailed me her plans. Of course not Grrr!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Ah, So Peaceful

I love this time of the morning. Had my first cup of coffee, the dogs are quiet. That is to say that Daisy has not decided to start yapping at Lady and Astro is not yelling yet. Husband is off to work and I am here in the peaceful quiet. Love it. Then I start to think of what I should be doing... Maybe I will maybe I wont. Finished the tree yesterday. Had to buy some plain ornaments in purple cause I have too much white and red. I was looking for some pretty green, but couldnt find any I liked. Well maybe I'll find some tomorrow. Man if you have not done a tree by now you are just about out of choices for decorations as I have discovered. I might have to go to Michael's or Garden Ridge for some green that I like. Then again I may just wait till next year. Husband's party is this afternoon. Wonder what the menu is? Beer, beer, beer??? They usually cater either turkey, ham or Mexican. Yesterday the weather guys were predicting a little snow on Tuesday (fat chance) but now it maybe too warm. Last year we had a light dusting but I guess not this year. We had 5 inches of rain the other day. At least that's what my rain gauge said. Ah, the peace is about to be broken. I hear Lady whining downstairs. So much for peace and quiet.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Almost Done

Well finally after a week and a half and some 60 hours I finally finished my Dickens Village.Climbing on 2 tables made of 4 x 8 plywood is not my idea of fun. My knees and elbows are sore. But I'm done. At last I threw the snow on the village. That's the best part. The village is the most tedious and time consuming part of Christmas decorating. Now it's time to do the tree, the bathrooms, the kitchen, the den as well as clean up the mess. Whew, I might be finished next year. Oh and I still have presents to buy. I dont look forward to that. My stepdaughter called the other night looking for ideas of what to get her dad. Of course he says nothing. Maybe a shirt, a video or a Kinky Freedman doll. Does Kinky get the money for that $30 doll. I have a couple of Madame Alexander dolls that didnt cost that much. Then again, they were bought in the 1950's. I just saw some in a store at the prices from $50 to $100! How does anybody afford to buy presents? Yeah, I did manage to buy early one year. Had everything bought, wrapped and hidden by the end of October. But then I forgot where I hid some of them. I'm very good at hiding things, just not good at remembering where. Well, I'm off again to do whatever...

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

What to do with my ashes?

Guess I'm it after being tagged by Shellie at the life & times of the 5 C Clan .Cute
So I hear today that you can now have your ashes mixed with concrete and made into a bench. Gives new meaning to "sit on your face" Personally, if I were to do anything with my ashes I would rather have them mixed with concrete and used to make a new "coral" reef. I cant see making jewelery out of them. Then there is always shooting me into space. Isnt there enough junk there now? Never have wanted to be buried. Why waste the land. I've always felt a little creepy going to a grave site. Does any one get an answer when they talk to their dearly departed? I always told my kids that I would come back to haunt them. Maybe as a tree with roots they would trip over. Ok. so I am a little twisted. Just wait till you have kids of your own!Ha Ha!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Decorating Diva and other Dreams

Crabby woman has left the building. After some peace and quiet and a little rest, it's time to get busy making this house look forward to Christmas. My cold is better, though my nose still seems to run faster than an F-16 can fly. So we put up the tables and I am now standing, climbing and crawling under, over and around to get the Dickens Village going. Got to get old London going. Then the tree and other decorations can go up. My mother was an artist and I inherited the "artist eye" but not the ability. So it really takes some effort. My one track mind is in overdrive trying to get all this done. After all, got to speak to Santa. Havent done any shopping. Funny we talked about doing it early, somehow like everything else, not done yet.

So, we watched the Texas destroy Colorado in the Big 12 Championship. How did Colorado get there anyway? Talk about a laugher! It really looks like the Rose Bowl will be a very good game! Can't say the same for the Houston Texans. Once again for the second week in a row, the Texans found a new way to snatch defeat out of the mouth of victory. It's embarrassing. Wonder who will be the coach next year?

Well, it's time to take the clothes out of the dryer. Then when I finish my coffee,it's back to the tables, then I need to clean up the mess. Who says I can't multi-task? Gotta get it done, gotta get it done. All right already!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Crabby Woman Warning

I'm crabby today. I rarely get sick, in fact it been a few years since I had so much as a sniffle. As a result, I'm crabby. I feel like my head is a fish bowl minus the fish. Yesterday I decided to get started on the Christmas (excuse me-Holiday) decorations. I put out some decorative candles. That's as far as I got. I have boxes of stuff to work on and have no desire to do any of it. We've been thinking of not putting up our Dickens Village but I may have to anyway cause the kids always want to see it. It's not Christmas without Mom's Village. Because I am crabby nothing suits me and little things are irritating me. Daisy is barking furiously at Lady. Better watch out dog! I'm making soup in the crock-pot today. It had better come out good! Annie calls me last night to ask if Pat is mad because she accidently went back to El Paso with his girl friend's DVD movie. Pat and Heather are mad.He says cause Annie borrowed a movie and it took nearly 2 years to return it. Not my problem man. I asked Annie why she didnt just send it back and she said she had not had a chance to go to the post office and didnt know his address. Jeez!! I'm still mad about the way Traci and Bobby are treating Cheyanne. Grrr. So in between sneezes, nose runnings and occasional coughs I have to do the laundry and figure out how I am going to get all the decorating done and buy and wrap gifts. I have no real desire to do any of it but I have to keep moving. Then, when I went out yesterday I forgot to get wine, so that has me pissed off. I don't like to waste time going out for just one thing. Then I see the story of Tom Cruise buying the sonogram machine for his private use. Those things are dangerous to a fetus if used too often. God, he's such an idiot. Sorry, I'm being crabby again. Thank God I am on the no-call list. I pity the telemarketer who would try to call me today. Oh well, sooner or later it will get better. And Santa Claus said he'd bring me a million dollars! Right!