Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Are We That Dumb?

Lately I have been wondering about a couple of things. As a natiion, are we dumb? Why are we so clueless about things. Take a spouse who doesnt realize that the other half is having an affair. Are they that dumb> Eventually the truth will come out. Deny it or belive it. Too many people apparently cant see the elephant in the room. Here in Houston, the Enron trial has started. So many people assumed everything was going fine. That is if you believe the speeches by people like Ken Lay. Every thing is fine, keep buying our stock (while I dump mine). This is why I am a little scared at the proposals of letting people invest in the stock market as part of their retirement social security etc. Most people dont know how to invest. They assume their companies or the government will make good choices for them. Wake up. Even Oprah was duped. Then I saw on TV that our Secretary of State as well as the EU and other allies were stunned to see the landslide victory of Hamas. Hello, pay attention! If the intellegence communities in our country cant/ or wont even talk to each other, what are we, the dumb public, supposed to think. For years, our intel people have complained to and about each other. One doesnt know what the other is doing and if they find out it is a crisis. Where does this leave us? I am not just talking about the current administration either. This is not a new thing.Why do we let ourselves get lulled into false security? We had better learn quickly that we cant depend on the government to help us. We all know what happened with Katrina and Rita. Seems like every time we turn around, another report of fraud and deception surfaces. I know that both Houston's Mayor White and Governor Perry have made demands that some body needs to get things straight. They are right. And we need to learn to take charge of ourselves, because unfortunately our country as a whole will not help, at least to this point, there have been more questions than answers. Months after these disasters there are still more questions than answers. And now we have more questions about what will happen to the Middle East. Are we really so dumb that we didnt see things coming? Just imagine that one of our allies or our own spokespeople will say the wrong thing or say something that is taken the wrong way. I just dont understand. We need to pay attention.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Did I Sleep Through Winter?

What happened to winter- I think I missed it. That is all except the electric bill. Our house is all electric which is bad enough cause the electric company is showing that we used 1000 kwatts more than we did last year for the same billing period. I dont see how they figure that since it hasnt been anywhere near as cold as last year...but they are impossible. And the people who have natural gas are getting sticker shock on their bills. Once again the energy company is saying they cant help it because their costs are up and they have to pass it on. If you are not home for 2 weeks and have everything turned off during that time plus the weather has been so warm, how do they figure that the bill should be more?

I dont know if I should start on the flower beds or not. Some of my plants are already starting to bloom or put on new growth. Some of the trees are starting to put on new leaves. What gives? Did I miss winter? Are we going to be hit with a sudden cold snap in Feb or March and kill all the new growth? Now I wouldnt mind if the weeds like dandylion and clover etc would get knocked out by a freeze. That is the greenest part of my yard right now. Somehow I feel like Rip Van Winkle. Maybe I did sleep through winter...

Friday, January 27, 2006

Jeff's Judgement

Tuesday is an important day in the lives of Jeff Bagwell and the Houston Astros. That is the deadline for the Astros to file a claim on the insurance they have on Jeff Bagwell. This wont be easy on anyone. Bagwell has been driving hard all off season to get in shape to play. He insists he will be going to spring training and fully intends to play. Managment has it's own crunch time decision. By the end of the month they will make the decision on the insurance claim of some $11,000,000 of Jeff's $17,000,000 contract. This is creating some hard feelings. While Bagwell had worked hard in rehab with the obvious goal of being able not only to hit, but to throw. Since first base is such an important position he must be able to throw quickly and accurately. That is the basic question. Since baseball is a business the Astros need to know if he will be able to do this. Since the team has the policy on him they need to know now, not later in spring training. The general manager has already hinted of problems. He's said that Bagwell's shoulder is arthritic and there is no way around it. I wish that this matter could be easily solved. Unfortunately, this may turn into a battle none of us who love the "stros and Jeff Bagwell want to see. One can only hope that this will work out to the benefit of everyone. The Astros are a class organization and Jeff Bagwell is a class guy. Let's hope this does not turn into a bitter battle.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Where Do We Go From Here?

I know that I am in the minority here, but I liked "The Book Of Daniel" on NBC. I also know that "groups" complained about the show before it ever aired. Is this a form of censorship? Well... I guess that is a personal opinion. I thought the show was pretty good. Sure it was over the top with so much disfunction in one family but, I think, this could have been eased a little. But come on, we all have problems. Granted, pillpopping, drinking, and homosexuality are problems, but its how we deal with them that helps us learn. Notice how many children learn things from TV more than their own family. I enjoyed Daniel's conversations with Jesus. They were the best parts of the show. After all God knows none of us is perfect.Through God, we learn how to be a better person, not through a group of scared people who are not willing to try to see things from another point of view. I grew up in the segregated South and survived integration without scars. Humor is a great teacher. Is this a wake up call? Maybe. We had better be carefull because there are groups who have a lot of influence on everything from politics, privacy, and what we should or should not watch and read. Obviously some "groups" dont like the new movie about the gay cowboys. That group apparently includes Prresident Bush. If we can not take a humorous look at ourselves, we are all in trouble.

As it is NBC has some big programing problems. Personally I dont think "Earl" is funny. How come nobody is complaining about the gay story lines of "Will and Grace"? NBC really doesnt have that many good shows and the few they are being scrambled around to the death walk. Apparently they are planning to move one of the "Law and Order" shows to be opposite "Lost" and "Las Vegas" to the dead zone of Friday. Some times controversy is good, but if no one sees it, how is any one to be able to make an informed decision?

Where do we go from here? In the future will we have freedom of choice? Will conservative groups become so powerful that they dictate to us what we can do? Let's see, I shouldn't go see "The Da Vinci Code" when it comes out. "Sponge Bob" could be a problem. How do we explain that Emily has two mothers? I can make up my own mind about things, at least I thought I could. People liked Hitler and Charles Manson had a following too. We have a right to be liberal or conservative in our views and I will always defend that right, but dont take my right to chose away. I would like to make up my own mind on things!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I Hope I Never Have to Do This Again

I now have a healthy respect for the handicapped. While I was taking apart the Dickens Village somehow I sprained my hand. I did not even know until my hand swelled and became painful. After wearning a splint for 3 days, I have decided I really dont want to have to do this again. At least it was my left hand and I am right handed. You dont even think about how much you use both hands until you cant use one. It's very frustrating to try to do things from holding a cup of coffee to buttoning shirts, pants, or tying shoes. Then I thought, imagine if I had to live my entire life this way... I am very independent and hate to ask for help. What a bummer. Just the thought of having to do this for the rest of my life was sobering. I know people who complain about everything. Yet, look at people with handicaps trying to handle their lives without complaint. As a kid I was an orthopedist dream and a mother's nightmare. At 7 I broke my arm, and at 14 I was kicked by a horse and broke my thigh. I spent a long time in a cast. When I was 22 I broke my ankle 6 weeks before my wedding. Looking back, maybe that was a sign cause the marriage didnt last... So I applaud the people who have a good life despite handicaps. As an adult, I discovered so many things I do on a daily basis that were harder or nearly impossible to do without help. How do people who dont have help cope? On the other hand, would I want to spend my whole life that way? No!

Then my moden crashed...

Then I just learned that NBC pulled the plug on "The Book of Daniel" Too bad...I enjoyed the humor. Apparently the Christian Conservatives who had not even seen the show applied enough pressure on the network to ax it. What next?

Friday, January 20, 2006

iPod as Theology

A local Baptist church is having a month long discussion of the theology of the iPod. I didn't know this was possible. It does make you think. How is this possible. Well, the sermon titles include "inovation" Of course the iPod is innovative. But what does this have to do with religion? Are we supposed to be innovative in prayers?What does that mean? The other sermons include discussions of simple, small and synchronized. Ok, but how does this work with God. Does it mean that ministers will now be having sermons available for downloading to an iPod? And how is the iPod synchronized as to God. Granted we should all be so in tune with our religion and spirituality, but how does this relate? Maybe he is trying to say that we need to get back to the basics with our relationship with God. Are we to compare God with an iPod? Maybe he is trying to remind us that if we are in synch with God, we should know what to expect and be thankful for the small, simple things? It is an interesting analogy.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I'm Thinking Apathy

Did you ever had one of those days where you just dont care? Sounds like a good day for it. I'm tired of everything thing and everybody. It's kind of like " I've heard it all before, you asked me and I told you. Enough." Yesterday the little dog drove me nuts all day long. A two year old child behaves better. Everything on TV irritated me. I got tired of all the talking heads talking over one another to the point I just wanted to yell at the screen "Shut up"

Our ice maker is caput so I called around for prices on a new one. Came to the conclusion that why should I pay $90 for a new ice maker on a 10 year old refrigeration. Especially, since the fridge occasionally makes noises like it is about to go out. Looking a prices of new ones is depressing. We bought our current one used, so we've gotten our money out of it. I can get another one a lot cheaper than a new one. So we decided to, for the time being, spend a couple of dollars on some prehistory items called ice trays. Why bother with an ice maker with the whole fridge may be about to go.

When we moved to this house, we gave our washer/dryer to mystepdaughter because our house came with a set. Of course the dryer takes longer and longer to dry the clothes. So, that leaves yet another question of if we buy another dryer,what do I do with the what that is already here? I dont want to take it downstairs to the garage, I need the space. The laundry room is upstairs with the bed rooms.

Lately we started discussing the possibility of looking for a cheaper place to live. We will have been here 2 years in June. We discovered, since renting this house, that we live in a money pit. Since the landlord has not done much to correct anything, I dont plan to spend money on his house. Try, finding out in 30 degree weather that there is very little insulation, making the house hard to heat and cool. Plus, we left a second floor apart in a nice four plex cause the new owner raised the rent and we had thought since the kids came frequently it'd be nice to have a yard. Hump. Now we rarely see them, or they say they are coming and never show up. Why keep this big house?

So, since nothing suits me today, I guess I just feel apathic. Why bother? The season opener of 24 was pretty good. Of course opposite, wife swap, inane comedy, and the blathering on at the Golden Globes... How many times can you pat yourself on the back?

Then I get up this morning to discover that the moronic Mayor of New Orleans says his city should be a "Chocolate" city!? Huh? Then he tries to spin that statement be saying milk with chocolate makes a good drink. He also said his city's majority is black. Which is it ethnically diverse or back. Is God really mad and sending all these hurricane to punish us?

Sounds like a good day for apathy. Right now I really dont care. Everybody seems to have all the answers, fix it yourself. Think I'll take the day off and read a book.

Monday, January 16, 2006

This Could Get Ugly

Well maybe...But I have to wonder about the future for the Houston Texans. No matter what they do, a lot of people will be upset. When the dust finally settles and the Broncos have gone as far as they can, the worst kept secret in the NFL will be announced that Gary Kubiak will be the next head coach. A lot of people thought that announcment would be made this weekend until the Broncos won. It really doesnt matter who gets picked as the first player in the Draft, because it is very unlikely that it will be Vince Young, although he has basicly been campaigning to be picked by the Texans. An overwhelming number of fans have voiced their opinion and depending on who you listen to 75 to 80 percent(or more)want Young. I am not holding my breath, but I may stay off the streets on draft day. It could get ugly. If I were Bob McNair I'd change my phone number and RUN. Realisticly speaking, we wont get Young. We need a lot of help, especially in the offensive line. That has been proven time and time again as David Carr's sacks keep piling up. No wonder he always looked as blank as a sheet of paper during games. Supposely, Carr could benefit from better coaching. Duh. Casserly has said the Texans will pay Carr's bonus in March. Could this be a ruse just to cover up what is really planned? The Texans keep saying that they are sticking with Carr. If they dont draft Young will they draft Bush? Will they go for some line help? Hell, why dont they just start over! Ha! So when ya get through, Gary, put on your armor, you're going to need it.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Hello, Are You Gonna Leave That Hole?

It seems that our water district is on a mission to find all the sewer lines in the neighborhood. Or maybe they dont have enough to do. For the last few days, I noticed the district's white pickup truck roaming the area. At first I thought they were just doing their meter reading. That was until I discovered they were going into everyone's back yards. The meters are in the front. Now it is not unusual for these guys to scour the neighborhood for broken waterlines so that they can bring out their heavy equipment to dig around the fromt yards. They apparently have a lot of fun doing this cause it takes several people to accomplish this. Then, they always promise, they have to come back and replace the grass they dug up.Sometimes I wonder just how much they actually find. Especially when there is no obvious sign of a problem, like a soggy front yard or water running down the street. So the other day, the dogs started barking. As I looked out my kitchen window there are two guys digging(make that one digging, one standing around)in the back of my back yard. Then, they left, got into the truck and moved on to the house next door. Nosey as I am, I went out to see what they had done. As I peered into the hole, I saw the sewer line, Now why did they do that? Next question, Hey guys when are you coming back to cover this hole? Two days later, the hole is still there. While this is not a serious problem for me as I dont have small children or elderly people here, this could be a problem. Just imagine one of my grandkids running around and falling because of that hole. One good (evil) thing,one of the guys stepped in dog poo. Ha Ha! Now I have questions. Why were you doing this? When will you be back to cover the hole. By the way, you'll need to bring some extra dirt, since it has rained. Why did it take two of you when only one of you dug the hole? Did you go to A&M? Or is this just busy work? Come on guys, you need to fix that hole!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Artful Dodger aka Lying is a Way of Life

Ever wonder why people lie? Why are some so good at it and others not? Must be an art. According to the Ten Commandments we are not supposed to lie. Then again, Jesus has forgiven us for our sins. Boy I am sure glad he is so forgiving. Don't know if I could be so gracious. I have watched our politicians lie, who hasn't? How many times have children lied to parents? Probably too many to count. I know that we all tell "little white lies" to our bosses, friends and family. Sometimes, I guess this is an effort to avoid hurting someone or being punished. Then there are the professional liers like spys and other members of "national security" members. Then there are criminals and their lawyers. Not to give lawyers a bad rap but...you know what I mean. Then there is always a friend or family member who just can not tell the truth. They weave and dodge around an issue so skillfully that you must admire their ability to keep all the stories straight and remember who they told what and when. Maybe they could become writers, they tell stories so well. I am not sure though when these Artful Dodgers are close friends or family members how to or why bother confronting the issues with them. As I used to tell my children long ago, I'll always find out. One of my favorite phrases I used on them when they lied to me was from a popular commercial of the day "It's not nice to fool mother nature!" Too bad some people never learn, and I still find out!

Do you know an Artful Dodger? I do. Tisk, tisk, Sigh.How do you explain yourself to the people who trust you the most? I gave up a long time ago, it wont be long before others will blow your cover. Risky business, indeed. Artful Dodgers could face bigger problems in the future. Who will trust them then?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

And the Winner Is..

Once again, it is the start of award season. Golden Globes, People's Choice, Oscars and on and on to infinity. So, for the very first time I am presenting my own awards which are not annual,semi-anual or on a time schedule. Actually, these awards are a figment of my fractured imagination and may recur or may not. I just think it is time to honor, or not, what I feel has made a significant impact on life as I know it.

So, here comes the Jilly Awards, dedicated to nothing special and everything in general.

The first award is for the most obnoxious noise maker I know. The winner is (drum roll, please): Astro, the Double Yellow Headed Amazon, who by the way does not have two heads.His performance of loud raucous parrot speak, frequently making it nearly impossible to hear what anyone says prompting the quick throwing of the blanket over his cage earned him this. Congratulations Astro!

The next award goes to Daisy for creating havoc by barking and picking at Lady as soon as I leave the room. Nice work Daisy.

The next Jilly goes to Lady for standing at the door whining and scratching to get out the minute I leave the room.

Next, we have the Jilly for the Most Irritating Display of affection, love and silliness on the planet. That has to go to TomKat by a landslide.

Moving on to the sports section of the Jilly Awards. There are three awards in this group. The first goes to the Houston Texans for the Worst Portrayal of a Professional football team. Moving right along comes the Jilly for the Best Performance by a College football team. Obviously this must go to the University Of Texas Longhorns for its un-defeated National Championship season. Are you watching,Texans?And our last sports one goes to the Houston Astros for taking a team that was,by some, pronounced dead on June 1st,2005, to its first ever World Series.

The next award is a lilttle more serious. My land lord earns this for not fixing the fence as he had promised, as well as ignoring the bees who have taken up residence under the siding on the house. The lack of up-keep on the insulation and the 20 plus year old AC and Heating systems also helped earn him this honor.

And now for the final(until I think of something else) Jilly. For the Best Ruining of a day in les than thirty seconds, the Jilly goes to my electric company. Sending me the highest bill ever just two weeks after Christmas earns this award.

Congratulations to all my Jilly Award winners. You are all deserve your awards!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I Wonder

I wonder how much trash is generated from fireworks. As I drove thru the neighborhood the other day I noticed residue from all the fireworks people used during the holidays. Our neighborhood does not have a streetsweeper going thru like some areas do so this stuff just lies there mainly on the streets. Got to be a lot.

I wonder what makes a good spy. I happened to catch part of an interview with a woman who had written a book about her life as a spy. It sounds interesting. Obviously a spy has to be a quick thinker, duh. How about the ability to lie. If the ability to lie were the only qualification, I know someone who could be the best spy in the world. This person has years of experience. I have often wondered how all the lies are kept straight and how to remember who was told what. Mata Hari would be proud.

I wonder about the FBI. Apparently, they are looking for a few good computer geek types. Guess all that wire tapping is getting harder to do, so they need the help. I know some people who are super good techno-geeks.

I wonder why someone who is a Republican can decide to "put politics aside" and run as an Independent for the Governor of Texas. Carol Keeton Strayhorn has decided to do that. What does she do with her allegiance to her Republican party if she gets elected? Would she remain an Independent or would she switch back to her roots once elected? If re-elected which side would she be on?

I wonder why some kids are "10 going on 30" and some adults are "30 going on 10"

I wonder why no-one has come back from the "other side" to tell us what it's like.

Monday, January 09, 2006

What is Alternative...Anything?

So, I'm a little behind the times...well maybe a lot. I remember when music was either standards and big band a la Sinatra and Tommy Dorsey or top forty rock and roll or country. As I watched the news this morning, the anchor was discussing the upcoming announcment of the artists who will be performing at the Houston Rodeo. I had never heard the term "alternative" country. Now I have heard of traditional or classic country, this being the older stuff. I see that we now have this plus contemporary and alternative country, huh? Man I got lost at adult contemp rock and alternative rock and for some reason, to me, Christian Rocks seems odd. Obviously I dont get out enough. I wont even discuss what I feel about Hip Hop and Rap. There must be 10,000 people doing this. Where is the music? And why must the guys always grab their crotch? I guess I just dont get it. But, on a whole what is "alternative" music mean, anyway. Is the next thing going to be alternative jazz? How about alternative classical. What else should we call alternative? We already have alternative lifestyle. I guess we could call counterfeit money, alternative? We could change the political scene by saying that a candidate an alternative Democrate or Republican or maybe the Christian coalition should call themselves the Alternative party. No wait a minute, that would be the Independants... I'm getting a headache. Guess I'll just go dig out my old fashioned Barry Manilow and Neil Diamond.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Well, the Dynamics Just Changed

Vince Young has just annnounced that he will be entering the NFL Draft. So, where does that leave Reggie Bush? Young had already said he would love to play in Houston. So...Houston has some thinking to do. Prior to this, obviously the Texans were leaning toward the no brainer pick of Bush,but now the whole dynamic just changed. We will have a new coach for sure and maybe a new first round pick. And what about David Carr? Does he see handwriting on the wall? Are his days as a Texan numbered? Or will the Texans pick Young and then trade him? Every person in Houston who has followed the Texans and Vince Young know how much he'd like to play here. The fans would love. If nothing else, having Young as quarterback, would re-energize fan intrest and attendance at the games! So many decisions...

A comment on Reggie Bush. He is a class act. He and several of his USC teammates got permission to visit the Longhorn locker room before the game to shake hands with the Texas team. After the Horns beat the Trojans, these same guys went back to congratulate the Longhorns. Now, that is Class!

So, this could get interesting as the Houston Texans take steps to improve the team. Mr. McNair is willing to spend the money necessary to find the coaching staff and the players necessary to get a winner. The Texans already have one of, if not the best facilities in the NFL. This could get interesting!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Is he Nuts?!

Does Pat Robertson have a brain tumor? When people continually make strange statements, it sometimes because they have a brain tumor. Wouldn't that be a kick in the head? (pun intended). I just can not imagine a Man of God making so many statements that would seem to go against the teachings of God. He is certainly not endearing himself to what I would call Christian people. Actually I can't really see how any one could find what he has been saying lately as rational. Maybe we should pray for him. Seems he has lost his way. From suggesting murder, to telling a whole town not to call on God for help to his latest rant against Mr Sharon. Retribution indeed! I thought Jesus told people to turn the other cheek and to love one another. It does not matter what religion we follow, I just don't think this is the way to show love and compassion. We all have problems at one time or another. Maybe the Pope will pray for Pat. Heaven knows he needs the help, if for no other reason than to keep his mouth shut. After all, if you can't something nice, don't say anything at all.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Burnt Orange Sky at Night---Longhorn Delight!

The UT tower is basking in the Orange light as it does after every Longhorn victory.This one is special. The whole tower is lit, not just the top. National Chanpionship full glow! I bow to the altar of Vince Young! Though he ran and passed for 467 total yards by himself, I admit I was nervous. The Horns just kept making mistakes. Like many others, I was in doubt as they were down 12 points. It didn't look good. So I took the dogs outside, then headed upstairs to bed. Turning on the TV,I discovered that Vince Young had opened the Vince Young playbook, frequently called, Let's get it done. He did. Now for the Vindication of Vince and Mac Brown. I remember it wasn't that long ago that the alumni wanted Brown out cause the Horns couldn't win the Big Games and had no National Championships. How fitting that the Natiional Championship was held at the grand old Rose Bowl. Do the pro scouts still question Young's arm? Though he has said he'll be back, Will he? Will he change his mind and turn pro? Is it time for a long Longhorn win streak?

Why does ESPN show Scrabble and the National Spelling Bee as "sports"?

What will the Texans do now?

And last but certainly not least-- Astros pitchers and catchers report to training camp on Feb. 17, 2006. Spring training is looming on the horizon.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

From Oranges to Burnt Orange Hopes

Man, I watched the Orange Bowl last night. I have always admired Joe Paterno. I was begining to think nobody wanted to win. Kickers have got to have nerves of steel and a personality to match. They are always either the hero or the goat.

Now all the "Eyes of Texas" are upon the Rose Bowl. Apparently no one gives the Horns a real chance to win. That is if you listen to the media in Califoria. Mac Brown won't have to work hard to fire up the team, since nobody thinks UT can win. Most people seem to think the score will be around 38 to 31 USC. But, USC might find a few thorns in that Rose Garden. Back to back championships are hard enough to get, let alone 3 in a row. Plus a 35 game win streak is prime for cutting. I was at the game the last time Texas won the National Championship. I hope the game will be a good one. Just remember USC..."the eyes of Texas are upon you.." Hook 'em Horns!!!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Questions, questions, questions

Why is it every time I go to a store check out I end up in the slowest lane? Why do guys wear bootcut jeans so long, stilts wouldnt help? Why do people still insist on wearing big, baggy clothes that three other people could get in with them? If a person drowns while wearing bling, it the bling a cause of death? How can my serving spoon fall from the top of the stove into the back of the oven? If a tree falls in a forest, does anyone care? Why does my dog go outside for an hour and come in to poop?Why do women ask, "does this make me look fat?" Why did Dom Capers always have his mouth open at the games? Why are some kids smarter at 10 then their parents are at 30? Why do I care? Why do stores put their Christmas decorations on sale except for some decorations that were not available before or after Christmas? Why does the driver behind me think he can get there faster by passing me? We always meet at the next light. Why does parrot food always have stuff the parrot wont eat? Why can't I find my car when I come out to a parking lot? What would happen if Reggie Bush decided to stay in school? Ha Ha! Why is the murder rate in Houston gone up? Why does any body live in California? Why does anybody live on the gulf coast? Why is television so boring? Why do comics have to use so much profanity? And why do we still think they are funny? What can we learn from Dick Clark? Why don't I just shut up?! Ok.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Notes from a Lost Week-end

Note to myself... figure out how to get Daisy to go do her business while fireworks are in full Blast. Even Lady was a little rattled. We decided to try and stay up to bring in the New Year. As in previous years, we didnt make it. We did make it till 11:50 before giving up. Just trying to get Daisy off the patio in the midst of all the noise was about as wild as it got. She totally freaked, ran from side to side and tried to go back in the house.I even had to carry her out to the back of the yard but she kept racing back to the back door. Oh well. We tried. As we watched Dick Clark we kept looking at the clock. Is it time to go to bed yet? I guess you could say our party days are over, can't stay up all night anymore. Of course, any day I wake up and discover that I'm still alive is ok, I guess. Kind'a like the saying on coffee cups in the funeral museum here that say something like "Any day above ground is a good day". Saw a story on that museum on a plane from Phoenix to Denver a few years ago. The irony of the story was not lost on me while flying.

So, it's going to be nearly 80 today. I just don't know. The weather does not look good for the Rose Parade today. Hope that it's not an omen for the Horns. So every one thinks SC will win. We'll see. Hook 'em Horns! Oh yeah, and Roll Tide!

The other shoe drops today when Bob McNair fires Dom Capers. Who will be the new coach? Watched the Texans lose the last game of the season. Can't belive they actually came close to winning it. That would have been a disaster. If they had won, the mathmatical calculatiions of who would get Bush would be enough to get a sports fan a headache. Imagine the collective Texan fans thoughts... just lose the game and be done with it!

So, starting today, it's Couch Potato Heaven. Bowl game after bowl game.Remotes on fire from channel changing. So many games, so little time. Jimmy is not happy cause the boss decreed that Monday was a workday as he took off for his long week-end. Hey, it's the New Year man, bah, humbug time is over!

I didn't make any resolutions, gave that practice up years ago. Never keep them anyway. My resolutions are just like my plans.They always get changed, sometimes for the better, more often for the worse. And they usually get changed to facilitate plans for someone else who in the long run never appreciate it anyway. Oh well, life is short and I must move on. Now I must get busy undecorating.