Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Artful Dodger aka Lying is a Way of Life

Ever wonder why people lie? Why are some so good at it and others not? Must be an art. According to the Ten Commandments we are not supposed to lie. Then again, Jesus has forgiven us for our sins. Boy I am sure glad he is so forgiving. Don't know if I could be so gracious. I have watched our politicians lie, who hasn't? How many times have children lied to parents? Probably too many to count. I know that we all tell "little white lies" to our bosses, friends and family. Sometimes, I guess this is an effort to avoid hurting someone or being punished. Then there are the professional liers like spys and other members of "national security" members. Then there are criminals and their lawyers. Not to give lawyers a bad rap know what I mean. Then there is always a friend or family member who just can not tell the truth. They weave and dodge around an issue so skillfully that you must admire their ability to keep all the stories straight and remember who they told what and when. Maybe they could become writers, they tell stories so well. I am not sure though when these Artful Dodgers are close friends or family members how to or why bother confronting the issues with them. As I used to tell my children long ago, I'll always find out. One of my favorite phrases I used on them when they lied to me was from a popular commercial of the day "It's not nice to fool mother nature!" Too bad some people never learn, and I still find out!

Do you know an Artful Dodger? I do. Tisk, tisk, Sigh.How do you explain yourself to the people who trust you the most? I gave up a long time ago, it wont be long before others will blow your cover. Risky business, indeed. Artful Dodgers could face bigger problems in the future. Who will trust them then?


Wilson Clan said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a was great!

great post.. too bad I know too many artful dodgers and compulsive liars.. grrr

cube said...

Eventually compulsive liars get themselves into trouble remembering their lies. It's so much easier to tell the truth.